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Fortezza Calacatta Antique Tile Lead Safe Mama 2

Fortezza Calacatta Antique Tile from tilebar: 329 ppm Lead (90 is unsafe in kids’ items)

When tested with an XRF instrument, the tile pictured here had the following readings (metals not listed were not detected, tests were done for a minimum of 60 seconds): Lead (Pb): 329 +/- 32 ppm Barium (Ba): 206 +/- 71 ppm Zinc (Zn): 17,200 +/- 600 ppm Copper (Cu): 298 +/- 58 ppm Iron (Fe): […]

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KitchenAid Red Silicone Spatula with Bamboo Handle 2019 Lead Safe Mama 1

Kitchenaid 2019 Red Silicone & Bamboo Spatula Set: 11 +/- 4 ppm Lead! [Safe by all standards, but…]

In response to testing an older (c. 2010) yellow version of this exact same product (and finding high levels of lead in that product – see it on this link) I decided to follow up and purchase and test a new (2019) version of the product in red. (The yellow appears to no longer be […]

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Dollar Tree Gardening Trowel Greenbrier International Lead Safe Mama 1 2019

Dollar Tree Store (Spring 2019) Garden Transplanter Trowel: Lead Free (and just $1)

I often share that because the Dollar store (Dollar Tree, Dollar General, etc.) have had so many violations in the past they are actually doing a good job of keeping Lead, Cadmium, Mercury and Arsenic out of a lot of their products! This is one example of that. When tested with an XRF instrument for […]

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c. 2010 KitchenAid Yellow Rubber Spatula Lead Safe Mama 1

What were you thinking, Kitchenaid?! (c. 2010) Yellow Silicone Spatula: 970 +/- 29 ppm Lead! [90 is unsafe in kids’ items.]

Here’s the story behind this particular spatula (which is now in my “Museum of Lead” collection!): Sometime over the last couple of years I visited my friend “K,” and tested her family’s everyday household things for Lead and other toxicants (that’s a big part of what I do to help families who have concerns about […]

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Lead and Cadmium Crystal Bracelet from 2010 Bridesmaids Gift Lead Safe Mama 1

Crystal bracelet (c. 2014), costume jewelry: 70,700 ppm Lead (90 is unsafe) + 149,600 ppm Cadmium (75 ppm is unsafe.)

This bracelet was one of a matching set that a bride purchased and gave to each of her bridesmaids for her wedding in 2014. There is no brand or maker’s mark on it that I can find. When I tested this I was floored by the fact that it was so recently made and yet […]

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Spring 2019 Royal Norfolk Greenbrier International Dollar Tree Store Paisly Dinner Plate Lead Safe Mama 1

Spring 2019 Dollar Tree Royal Norfolk Paisley Dinner Plates: 60 ppm Lead + 38 ppm Cadmium (safe by all standards!)

Note: While the XRF readings below indicate that these plates are “safe by all standards”, please do not take this as a recommendation by me to purchase these plates. I only have Lead-free and Cadmium-free dishes in my home and I don’t think there is a place for any level of toxicants in our kitchenware, […]

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2016 2017 Pottery Barn Pewter Meta; Squirrel Salt and Pepper Shakers Lead Safe Mama 3

Yet ANOTHER toxic offering from The Pottery Barn collection!… c. 2017 squirrel shaped salt and pepper shakers: 40,800 ppm Lead [90 is unsafe for kids’ items.]

At a time when consumer awareness of environmental toxicants in general – and of tainted household products especially – is on the rise; potential for recalls are commonplace; and manufactures and distributors are moving to tighten up supply chain oversight, Pottery Barn CONTINUES to disappoint. Despite specific recalls for Pottery Barn products in the past [Link], they […]

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1977 Avon Fragrance Glace Easter Egg Perfume Pin Lead Safe Mama 3

Happy Toxic Easter? Yikes!! 1977 Avon Easter Perfume Pin: 6,759 ppm Lead [90 is unsafe] + 6,018 Cadmium [75 is unsafe]

The amount of Lead that is considered toxic in a newly manufactured item intended for use by children today is anything 90 ppm Lead or higher in the paint or coating, or anything 100 ppm Lead or higher in the substrate. Modern consumer goods are considered unsafe an illegal in the country of Denmark if they […]

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1973 Avon Fragrance Glace Orange Plastic Kitty Pin Lead Safe Mama 1

Don’t let kids play with vintage jewelry. 1973 Avon Fragrance Glacé Pin: 1,296 ppm Cadmium (a known carcinogen.)

Modern consumer goods are considered unsafe an illegal in the country of Denmark if they have Cadmium levels at 75 ppm and higher. In Washington State the hazard level for total Cadmium content is 40 ppm or higher. There is no United States federal hazard level for total Cadmium content as detectable with an XRF instrument. […]

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