Mayim Bialik Blog Post Lead Safe Mama

Check out Mayim Bailik’s today for an article I wrote about childhood lead poisoning.

I am excited to share that the article I wrote for Mayim Bialik’s was published today (10/22/2018) for National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week. Click the image below to read the article on her blog. Click here to share the article on Facebook. Thank you for reading and for sharing my posts. Tamara Rubin #LeadSafeMama […]

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Antimony Found in Wild Harvest Organic Peanut Butter Jars Lead Safe Mama 1

Antimony (Sb) Found in Wild Harvest Organic Peanut Butter Spread Plastic Jar

This post is a companion post to two other pieces published earlier. For background and context, please read the two other posts. Thank you. To see all of the related posts, click here. XRF Test Result (test duration, 180.6 seconds/3 minutes): Antimony (Sb): 35 +/- 18 ppm As always, please let me know if you […]

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Kirkland Peanut Butter Antimony Jar Lead Safe Mama 3

Antimony (Sb) Found in Kirkland (Costco) Organic Peanut Butter Plastic Jars

After publishing THIS POST (which has since unexpectedly gone viral!) simply recommending that folks not purchase peanut butter in plastic jars & instead purchase peanut butter in glass whenever possible, a lot of people responded with links and information either supporting or attempting to dismiss or refute my concerns. One of my readers posted several […]

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Natural Life Unicorn Mug Lead Safe Mama Tamara Rubin 1

XRF Test Results for Newly Purchased ‘Natural Life” Unicorn Mug

Well. I apologize in advance. I know I am going to break at least one heart with this post! [Just because something is in the shape of  a unicorn does NOT mean that it is free of toxic chemicals, lol!] I tested several components of this mug, and stopped once I found high levels of […]

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Keeping Healthy Chickens Tamara Rubin Lead Safe Mama Creative Green Living 1

The only chicken book available today that discusses protecting your chickens from lead-poisoning!

Hey friends! My good friend Carissa Bonham (Creative Green Living) wrote a new book “Proven Techniques For Keeping Healthy Chickens” [including “101 all natural tips & tricks”]. Fun Fact: I collaborated with Carissa to create a section in this book about protecting your backyard flock from being lead-poisoned. We’re both pretty sure this is the […]

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Dr Ruth Etzel EPA Childrens Health Sidelined Tamara Rubin Lead Safe Mama

October 17, 2018 CNN Coverage of Dr. Ruth Etzel Story, Interview

From CNN: “EPA director of children’s health, Ruth Etzel, said that she was placed on paid administrative leave without warning. Etzel said she suspects — but had no evidence — that she was sidelined to stymie progress on a major lead poisoning report that was nearing completion.“ Click the image below to watch the video […]

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TYR Nest Pro Goggles Tamara Rubin Lead Safe Mama

Stuff I’ve Actually Bought: Swim Goggles

I decided to create a new series of blog posts, with the theme “Stuff I’ve Actually Bought“, because so many people ask for my recommendations for products, yet many of my recommendations here on my blog come from items I have tested for others, not items I personally own. Having recently met some of my followers […]

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