How can I tell if my tupperware is toxic Lead Safe Mama 5

#AskTamara: How can I tell if my vintage Tupperware plastic cups are toxic? By Color? By Shape? By Age?

New post! First in a series of four that I will be doing to try to draw some distinctions between the Tupperware pieces WITH toxicants (Lead, Mercury, Cadmium and Arsenic) and those without. If you have any information or links to help inform this conversation (for example information about years made for certain model numbers?) […]

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Are Legos Nontoxic Lead Safe Mama 2019

#AskTamara: Are Legos® nontoxic? Lead-Safe? Lead-Free?

#AskTamara Question: Are Legos® nontoxic? Lead-Safe? Lead-Free? Well for those who are here for a quick answer: Yes, new Legos® are safe! I have personally never tested any new Legos® (new in the past 14 years) that were positive for any the main four toxicants I look for in my work (Lead, Mercury, Arsenic and […]

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Vintage Fisher Price Record Player / Phonograph: click to see the full size image with all of the Lead readings.

Sorry this is a lazy post just so I could make sure to get this information up. The readings are in the image. I will update this post with more information soon. In the meantime:  To see more vintage Fisher Price items I have tested, click here. To see records I have tested, click here. […]

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How can I tell if my tupperware is toxic Lead Safe Mama 8

Press Release: Toxicants (Lead, Cadmium, Mercury & Arsenic) Found In Vintage Tupperware

Press release is the second image, below the embedded Facebook post. Please share with any press contact you might have. Thank you. (Click the image of the press release to see the full-size PDF with clickable links.) For all of the posts related to this press release, click here. _____________________________________ Original Facebook Post: _______________________________________________________

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Fortunoff Artificial Christmas Tree Example Lead Safe Mama 3

Another Artificial Christmas Tree Example, c. 2010: This one is LEAD FREE and ANTIMONY FREE

This tree sample was sent in by Liz, a reader of my blog. She lives in New York and told me she purchased this tree at Fortunoff’s about 9 years ago (c. 2010) and does not remember the brand (but that it was “expensive” at the time). Sorry I don’t have more information about the […]

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1997 Campbells Soup Ceramic Mug Lead Safe Mama 1

1997 “Vintage” Campbell’s Soup Ceramic Mug: 11,400 ppm Lead + 1,251 ppm Cadmium [M’m! M’m! Good! NOT!]

When tested with an XRF instrument the vintage (vintage is 20+ years officially, so yes – 1997 is vintage!) ceramic mug pictured here tested positive for the following metals when tested with an XRF instrument: White undecorated elements of mug (including inside of mug): Barium (Ba): 2,405 +/- 276 ppm Tin (Sn): 3,843 +/- 303 […]

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Vintage Plastic Lead Safe Mama Fisher Price Tupperware

Why do VINTAGE plastics (like Fisher Price & Tupperware) often contain Lead, Mercury, Arsenic & Cadmium?

For starters, please consider reading this linked study (click the image below) which discusses this concern in detail: There are two reasons vintage plastics often have lead: In brightly-colored vintage plastics, the toxicants (Lead, Mercury, Arsenic and Cadmium) are often used as components of colorants in the plastics. I have also found that vintage flexible/pliable […]

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image for Vintage Toy study Lead Safe mama

Scientific research paper from 2015 confirming the presence of toxicants in vintage plastics.

For those in the Tupperware camp who just can’t believe that there are toxic heavy metals in their vintage plastic dishes, I share this with you. Below is a link to a research paper from 2015 which confirmed the presence of heavy metals in vintage plastics (specifically looking at vintage plastic toys). This is a […]

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Screen Shot 2019-03-14 at 12.07.50 AM

#LeadSafeMama just passed 23,000 Followers on Facebook! And the winner is…

A while back I posted that as soon as #LeadSafeMama hit 23,000 followers on Facebook to celebrate and mark the occasion I would give away a set of #LeadFreeDishes to one randomly selected person from the list of followers. So today, 3/14/2019 #LeadSafeMama reached that milestone and later today I will randomly choose one lucky follower […]

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