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Vintage Old Town Blue Corelle Saucer Lead Safe Mama 1

“Old Town Blue” Pattern Vintage Corelle Small Plate, c.1972 – 1982: 18,200 ppm Lead

  Vintage Corelle glass saucer in the “Old Town Blue” pattern. The dark blue paint on this dish tested positive for the following elements at the following levels (with a one-minute test, using an XRF instrument): Lead (Pb): 18,200 +/- 400 ppm Cadmium (Cd): 133 +/- 13 ppm Arsenic (As): Non-Detect / Negative Mercury (Hg): […]

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Corelle Vitrelle Plain White Large Bowl Tamara Rubin Lead Safe Mama 1

Corelle Vitrelle Plain White Bowl, Purchased New in 2017: Lead Free

These are the bowls I bought for my family last year. I got both the large and small size and I love them – for everything. These are the things I love about them: super practical, high sides, less spilling, good for storing stuff in the fridge, break resistant and yes – LEAD FREE (most […]

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Four Glass Lamp Shades Home Depot Tamara Rubin Lead Safe Mama Toxicity Concerns In Glass

#AskTamara: Guess Which of These Four White Glass Lamp Shades Has Lead and How Much!

Please take a look at the four white glass lamp shades below and guess which ones have lead and at what levels!  [This is a great “game” to play with your “newly lead-woke” friends!, Answers are posted below the final image.] Click here for more examples of lamps I have tested. Click here for more […]

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Vintage Milk Glass Corning Teacup: 804 ppm Lead

This vintage milk-glass “Made in USA” Corning brand tea cup tested positive for lead when tested with an XRF instrument at 804 ppm lead in the white (undecorated) milk glass component of the cup. Tested in 2014. In 2018 the amount of lead that is considered toxic in a modern/newly manufactured item intended for children […]

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Vintage Milk Glass Saucer

Vintage Milk Glass Saucer with Gold Rim: 648 ppm lead (+/- 43 ppm), 9 ppm Cadmium (+/- 6 ppm). Read about #CadmiumConcerns here. Tamara’s Grade: “D” “D” = I would not want to use it in my home, I would prefer not to eat food that you served on it in your home.  If you offered me […]

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My new favorite Lead-free dishes: White Glass Embossed “Bella Faenza” Pattern by Corelle

These Corelle Bella Faenza dishes are my new favorite dishes. They are a little more expensive than the simple plain frost white Corelle (which are similarly Lead-free), but they also have a beautiful embossed vine-like pattern around the edges. This product is a great example of how a company can integrate a decorative element into […]

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#LeadFree: Corelle Frost White Bowl

Corelle Frost White Bowl:  Lead Free (NonDetect/ ND for Pb). Also ND for As, Cd & Hg! To see this exact product online click here!* The exact one tested is pictured below. For more #SaferChoices for your family, click here! Learn more about XRF Testing here. Please consider contributing in support of my consumer goods testing & […]

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