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#AskTamara: What is stainless steel?

Ask Tamara Question: What is stainless steel? Answer: There are actually multiple answers to that question — as there are a lot of different grades of stainless steel. One of the most common grades of stainless steel (for household uses including cookware/ kitchen items) is “304”. When something reads as “304 Stainless” (with the XRF), […]

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Pura Bottle Cap Came Off Again

Dear Made Safe, Please Revoke Your Certification Of The Pura Kiki Insulated Baby Bottle Until They Publicly Address The Issue.

Exactly one year ago (on July 1, 2017) I received yet another communication from a mother who had the bottom fall off of her Pura Kiki stainless steel insulated baby bottle (under normal use conditions/ being used by her baby). She posted an image of her bottle and tagged me on Facebook. At the time […]

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Pura Email

January 2018 E-Mail From Pura, Re: Their Insulated Stainless Baby Bottles

In January of 2018 one of my followers emailed Pura regarding the concern for lead (Pb) in their stainless baby bottles. Below is the response she received – dated January 17, 2018 (which she forwarded to me.) Here are my points of concern based on what is said in this email: The letter admits they […]

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Made Safe Certified Pura Kiki Baby Bottle

#Leaded: Made Safe Certified Pura Kiki Baby Bottle Purchased New In January of 2018 (Video)

Below is an 8-minute video we made this week of our testing of a new-in-the-box, purchased in 2018, “Made Safe Certified” Pura Kiki stainless steel insulated baby bottle for lead (Pb). Both the Made Safe certification and Pura Kiki’s marketing materials imply – or outright state – that this product does not contain any lead/has […]

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#LeadFree: Stainless Steel Pan, Brand Unknown

Stainless steel pan. Brand unknown. Non-Detect (ND/ Negative) for lead, cadmium, arsenic and mercury. All components tested with an XRF instrument. For those who are interested in stainless steel, this is SS #304 in all components that are metal.  The make up of this SS #304 is 186,400 ppm chromium (Cr), 96,200 ppm nickel (Ni) […]

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#LeadFree: SMI Stainless Spoon / Flatware

Stainless Steel Spoon, marked “SMI”on the back: Non-detect/negative for Lead (Pb). Also non-detect for mercury (Hg), cadmium (Cd) and arsenic (As.) Tested with an XRF instrument. The SMI mark appears to be that of Liberty Tabletop products a division of Sherrill MFG. Inc. “America’s Flatware Company.” These are Made in the USA and seem to […]

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21151603_1420062171445516_7315521478475519580_n Stainless Divided Plate

Ecolunchboxes Stainless divided plate: #LeadFree. My Amazon Affiliate Link: Tested “non-detect” for lead using an XRF instrument.  FYI: 5,938 parts per million (ppm) Nickle (Ni.) This is a relatively low amount of nickel for something made of stainless steel. Most stainless is about 82,000 ppm nickel. Some stainless from Ikea that I have tested has […]

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Pratico Outdoors Clean Steel

“Pratico Outdoors” “Clean Steel” Tumbler #Cup #Glass #LeadFree! Tested “non-detect” for lead using an XRF instrument Amazon Affiliate Link for similar product: – Please consider supporting my independent consumer goods testing and advocacy work with a contribution!  I am still working to raise $30,000 towards legal (and other related) fees to defend my advocacy […]

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Ask Tamara: What Dish Rack Do You Use?

Ask Tamara Question: What dish rack do you use? Answer: Natural materials!  Whenever possible I try to stick with natural materials in my home.  That means unpainted, uncoated – and usually undecorated.  For a dish rack, I think wood is good option! I have also had stainless steel ones in the past.  If they are […]

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