Safer Choices


a_8_cupI’ve started a series of posts that I have categorized as “Safer Choices“… these include links to items you can purchase that are the same as (or similar to) the lead-safe / lead-free things I use in my own home. 

The products in these posts are are all items I have:

  • researched and personally use in my home… or
  • have  personally tested with an XRF or…
  • are very similar to items I have tested and use in my home and…
  • follow my “best practices” rules for the safest products for your home

spatulasIf I don’t personally have complete confidence in a brand or product I will not share it on this site (as a safer choice). 

So far (as of 12/31/16) no brand or company has paid me to promote their brand or any specific product(s), if that changes I will let you know!  If that did happen, it would only be for products that meet the specifications above.

Please let me know if there are other items (or categories of items) you would like me to write about, and you can always click the “Safer Choices” tab at the top of each of the posts to see my latest posts.  Thank you for reading!

  1. Lead-Free Water Bottles, Baby Bottles & Sippy Cups
  2. Lead-Free Ice Cream Scoops!
  3. Lead-Free Tea Kettles
  4. Lead-Free Hoses
  5. Lead-Free Colander Choices
  6. Lead-Free Mug Choices
  7. Lead-Free Dishware Choices
  8. Lead-Free Measuring Cup Choices
  9. Lead-Free Baking-Ware Choices
  10. Lead-Free Mixing Bowl Choices
  11. #LeadSafe and #LeadFree Kitchen Appliances
  12. Auntie Tammy’s Lead-Safe Hot Cocoa
  13. Lead-Free Jewelry

Safer Choices for your
#LeadFreeKitchen & #LeadFreeHome!