Fire Note: 1996 from M-C & Lars

  In 2002 our home burned in a fire. It was a total loss and very little “survived”… using the word “survived” loosely. This was the first time that our family lost everything.  We had no idea there would be other times over the coming 14 years. For the past 14+ years I have saved […]

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#AskTamara: What kind of water filtration system do you have in your home?

#AskTamara What kind of water filtration system do you have in your home? (Updated in 2017) A. By the husband! Leonard Rubin We get questions about water filters quite a lot, but now more than ever—since the water crisis in Flint is in the news. In response, Tamara and I, when asked, often share about the […]

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Ask Tamara: How do you get lead dust out of laundry?

Monday, September 7, 2015 “Ask Tamara” Question from Liz: “What’s the best way to wash clothing that could be contaminated with lead dust?” Tamara’s Response: Actually that’s a great question, Liz! Lead dust is best removed with laundry (and other) detergents whose formulations specifically contain surfactants.  Unfortunately, in the natural/organic/progressive mama world that many of […]

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My Take On The “V” Word.

Written 2/6/2015 Made Public 3/6/2015 Friends who know me well would expect this post to be about vaginas. Really.  I’m not afraid of “V” words.  My first ever big public advocacy event for childhood lead poisoning prevention was at the “Vagina Monologues” 10th anniversary celebration at the SuperDome in New Orleans. However this post is […]

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Avi’s Tenth Birthday (originally posted in 2015)

January 29, 2015 … David “Avi” Benjamin Rubin is ten years old today.These have been the most challenging ten years of my life. …. In August 2005 Avi was just seven-months old when he was poisoned by the work of painting contractor who did not use lead-safe work practices in preparing the exterior of our […]

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