Recommended Small Appliances: New Vitamixes

Recommended Small Appliances: New Vitamixes

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HELLO! People keep asking me about appliances…

I have tested several versions of this newer model of Vitamix — and ALL of the accessible components (including the cord and knobs) were *lead-free* when tested with an XRF instrument!

To learn more about XRF testing, Click Here.

[This is NOT a sponsored post… this is just me telling you that YES, the new Vitamix products appear to all be lead free in all accessible components!]

Also, please note the OLDER Vitamixes can have components that test positive for high levels of lead (when testing with an XRF instrument.)

My Vitamix at home is from 20+ years ago — and its original cord and knobs did test positive for high levels of lead. [It’s on the list of things I am looking forward to eventually replacing – with one of these newer models – as soon as we can afford to do that!]

Takeaway: If you have an older Vitamix (and sorry I don’t have information about a cut-off year as to when they stopped using lead in the cords, but it would be great if someone wanted to follow up with the company and ask them that!), please consider swapping the *cord* out at least – as (in my opinion) there is no place for lead in our kitchen and food prep environments. Thanks everyone! Feel free to share this one too!

Here is my Amazon affiliate link to this product.

If you DO start your shopping by clicking on any one of my affiliate links (even if you don’t buy the products I recommend!), I receive a small percentage of what you spend at no extra cost to you! This helps me cover my bills to support my independent consumer goods testing and lead poisoning prevention advocacy work. So THANK YOU!

Learn more about lead in consumer goods (& lead-free #SaferChoices) at this link.
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Tamara Rubin

Recommended Small Appliances: New Vitamixes

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  1. Nadia Morris November 6, 2018 at 9:47 am #

    This blender has a California Prop 65 warning on it. Do you think it’s still safe? I need a new blender.

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