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New VitaMix LeadSafeMama

Recommended Small Appliances: New Vitamixes

Please read and share this post! Thank you. To share this post on Facebook, Click Here.- – HELLO! People keep asking me about appliances… – I have tested several versions of this newer model of Vitamix — and ALL of the accessible components (including the cord and knobs) were *lead-free* when tested with an XRF […]

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Oster Blender Lead Safe Mama

XRF Test Results for an Oster® Master Series Pre-Programmed Blender with Reversing Blade Technology – Black

Oster® Master Series Pre-Programmed Blender with Reversing Blade Technology – Black. Click here for an Amazon affiliate link* for a similar item from this company. This item consists of eight components made of distinct combinations of materials, some of which require multiple tests for thorough testing with an XRF instrument: Clear Glass Blender Jar Clear […]

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Oster Blender Milkshake Blade Lead Safe Mama 3

XRF Test Results For Oster Blender Milkshake Blade

Oster Blender Milkshake Blade This item consists of one “component” (it cannot be taken apart without destroying it) made of three distinct materials: The main silver colored metal of the blades (stainless). The silver colored metal of the top nut holding the blade assembly together. The copper colored metal at the base. Click here for […]

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Hamilton Beach Stack And Press Food Chopper Lead Safe Mama 4

Hamilton Beach Stack & Press Food Chopper with Glass Bowl

Hamilton Beach Stack & Press Food Chopper with Glass Bowl This item consists of five components made of several distinct materials (glass, plastic, metal and rubberized plastic – in the cord). Four of the components are what I would consider “complex” items [made of multiple different materials.]: Clear Borosilicate Glass Vessel (Plastic, Glass and Metal) […]

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Oster 5 Cup Glass Square Top Blender Jar Lead Safe Mama

Oster 5-Cup Glass Blender Jar And Lid

Oster 5-Cup Glass Blender Jar And Lid Click here for an Amazon affiliate link* for this exact item. This item consists of three components made of three distinct materials: Clear Borosilicate Glass Jar White Plastic Main Part of Lid Clear Plastic Center Part of Lid To learn more about XRF testing, click here. As I […]

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2018 Oster Blender Blade Components Lead Safe Mama 1

#XRFTesting: Oster Blender Base Parts

XRF Test Results For An Oster Blender’s Base Parts Amazon affiliate link for this item.* Jar Gasket (gray rubber): Barium (Ba): 239 +/- 140 ppm Zinc (Zn): 9,961 +/- 155 ppm Iron (Fe): 1,692 +/- 74 ppm Titanium (Ti): 10,700 +/- 500 ppm Jar Ring (black plastic): ND (non-detect) for all metals detectible with the […]

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Miracle Rice Cooker And Steamer Lead Safe Mama Tamara Rubin 1

Miracle Rice Cooker c. 2009, Made In China: 5,484 ppm Lead + Cadmium + Antimony!

This Miracle Rice Cooker, purchased new c. 2009 (sorry —  I don’t have an exact year) used to be our personal rice cooker. We chose it because at the time, it was the only model on the market that featured a “benign” stainless steel pot (vs. aluminum — usually with some sort of nasty/toxic “non-stick coating”); it was […]

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Does Your Instant Pot Have Lead Tamara Rubin Lead Safe Mama

#AskTamara: Q. Does my Instant Pot have Lead? A. Yes, some. Test results for a 6-quart Instant Pot purchased on Amazon.

#AskTamara: Does your Instant Pot have lead? More important: When you unpacked your Instant Pot, did you read each and every warning label and wonder why it was there? The short answer to the first question is (unfortunately): “Yes! The 2018 Instant Pot has at least two components that test positive for lead when tested […]

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This is what a responsible company looks like! Letter from Instant Pot…

I was thrilled to get a wonderfully responsible and friendly letter from the people at Instant Pot. Not only were they friendly and open in their communications, they also were interested in my XRF testing findings and are taking a proactive approach towards improving their product, even though they are not required to do this, […]

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