Lead Safe Mama (on Facebook) is just 59 “Likes” away from 19,000!!!

Just about year ago – on November 8, 2017, when my work was featured on CBS This Morning (with Charlie Rose!) – my Lead Safe Mama Facebook page had over 15,000 “likes” [actually I watched the video again this morning – it was exactly 15,349 “likes” and 14,601 “follows”.].

Since then we’ve gained nearly 4,000 new friends, fans and followers on Facebook. As of this morning (11/11/2018 – 9:45 a.m.) the page is just 59 “likes” away from 19,000!

Help spread the word about childhood lead poisoning prevention and consumer goods toxicity awareness. Please join the conversation on Facebook (if you have not already) so you can easily share the posts and information from this blog (and other online sources) with your community, friends and family via social media.

Your participation in answering questions, asking questions and sharing posts and information makes a huge difference in the Lead Safe Mama team’s work reaching literally tens of thousands of families each month on Facebook (and Twitter) with resources and information.

#LeadSafeMama Facebook Reach, Last 28 days

#LeadSafeMama Fbook Reach, Last 28 days

Thank you!

Tamara Rubin

P.S. I still have room for a few more Facebook “friends” if you want to have more direct access to asking me questions and sending me messages. My personal facebook profile (since 2009!) is http://www.Facebook.com/LeadSafe. For those interested in joining the public Facebook discussion group I run with other parents of lead poisoned children the link for that is http://www.Facebook.com/groups/LeadSafe. To join the private/secret (smaller) Facebook group for parents of lead poisoned children you need to first be friends with someone in that group (like me!)

Lead Safe Mama (on Facebook) is just 59 "Likes" away from 19,000!!!

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