#AskTamara: Are Blue Willow Dishes Lead Free?

Are Blue Willow Dishes Lead Free?


Question: Are Blue Willow Dishes Lead Free?

Answer: Um, no. In fact most of them have incredibly high levels of lead (in a range that I would consider as not safe to eat off of.) Please read on for more information about lead found in examples of Blue Willow dishes.

I have several Blue Willow posts up right now, however this particular post highlights the XRF test results for a Johnson Brothers Blue Willow Plate, c. 1980s Made In England. The years on the backmark include both “Since 1883” and 1940.

Are Blue Willow Dishes Lead Free?

This dish (see a larger image below) tested positive at the following levels when tested with an XRF instrument:

  • Lead (Pb): 36,600 +/- 1,400 ppm
  • Mercury (Hg): 83 +/- 53 ppm
  • Cadmium (Cd): ND (non-detect/negative)
  • Arsenic (As): ND (non-detect/negative)
  • Barium (Ba): 465 +/- 90 ppm

To learn more about XRF testing, click here.

For context, the amount of lead that is considered toxic in a newly manufactured item intended for use by children (including dishes intended to be used by children) is anything 90 ppm or higher in the glaze or anything 100 ppm or higher in the substrate (the underlying clay or porcelain). Dishware made before 2010 is not generally regulated for total lead content as detectable with an XRF. Most vintage china is high lead as a result and may not be safe to eat off of. Even newer china that is not “made specifically to be used by children” may test positive for high levels of lead when tested with an XRF instrument.

Since the backmark of this dish also says “making fine tableware for over 100 years” (with the start date of the company being 1883) we can at least assume these were manufactured in 1984 or later (which is also consistent with the “Dishwasher, Freezer and Microwave Safe” statement also printed on the back.)

[Note: I have seen very high levels of lead (also 36,000+ ppm) in fine china made in England as recently as 2007.]

I understand these Blue Willow plates are an incredibly popular and collectable pattern.

Please note that nearly ALL of the Willow pattern and nearly ALL of the Johnson Bros. china that I have ever tested have been very high lead. I even tested some in the past year that the owner told me she had purchased fairly recently at Ross (and similar outlet stores). These were also very high lead.

While I cannot be sure if these are leaching at all, with levels this crazy-high, I would never use these in my home [and in the event that someone served me food on them while I was visiting, I would politely request an alternate plate or dish (sans crazy-high levels of neurotoxic heavy metals)!] Please read more about the concern for lead in pottery here.

To see more “Johnson Bros.” pieces I have tested, click here.
To see all of the Willow pieces I have tested, click here.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions.

As an independent advocate for childhood lead poisoning prevention and consumer goods safety your support of my work is crucial for me to continue doing what I do. Please click here to see all the different ways you can help.

Tamara Rubin


Are Blue Willow Dishes Lead Free? Are Blue Willow Dishes Lead Free?

3 Responses to #AskTamara: Are Blue Willow Dishes Lead Free?

  1. Cecilia Baker December 1, 2018 at 6:39 pm #

    My Blue Willow says Churchill Made in England and the set came in pieces you get at Krogers. Do you know if they contain lead?

    • Tamara December 1, 2018 at 6:53 pm #

      What year were they made?

  2. Renee January 19, 2019 at 3:04 pm #

    I have blue willow china that says Flair Japan Blue Willow 603 on the bottom. Have you tested any of these?

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