How Can You Help

I am an independent activist. I do independent consumer goods toxicity testing and childhood lead poisoning prevention outreach work. What this means is that I don’t work for anyone else. My work is funded by generous support from people like you who chip in when they can. I also do the occasional speaking engagements and collaborative events with various lead poisoning prevention agencies across the country. This also means I need to bear all of the costs of what I do, no one else is covering the expenses necessary for my work.

Some of the ways you can help support my advocacy work are below:

  1. Share my posts from my blog!  Find a post to share and share the heck out of it on social media!  Post it on Facebook, Twitter and send it in emails to friends. The more folks that share my work the more kiddos we protect and it will also help me generate some passive advertising income for my site. #Bonus!
  2. Share my posts on Facebook (especially from the LeadSafeMama Facebook page!) Sharing the information and articles I share is the most important thing for spreading the word and increasing awareness of the need for targeted lead poisoning prevention initiatives across all sectors. Thank you.
  3. Shop on Amazon by clicking on my affiliate links before you shop each time. Amazon gives me a commission equal to about 6% of what you spend at no extra cost to you. You don’t have to buy what I recommend in order for me to get this commission, you just need to start your shopping by clicking on one of my links. Here’s my affiliate link for LeadCheck Swabs as a good place to start: Each month I earn about $600 from Amazon referrals.
  4. Host an event! Help me round up $5,500 from sponsors to have me come do an outreach event in YOUR community!  Events often include FREE blood lead testing and FREE consumer goods testing for all who attend! [& much much more!] Here’s a link with more info about that.
  5. Buy me an XRF instrument! #LOL #JK #KiddingNotKidding Do you have an extra $35,000 kicking around? I have just the place to put that! 🙂 I have been wanting to get my own XRF instrument for years and would love for a generous sponsor to help me with that. Thank you for considering it!
  6. Donate directly to my legal defense fund via GoFundMe! I have a team of no fewer than 7 attorneys helping me defend my advocacy work right now, and while some are pro-bono and others have discounted their rates for me (and another team is about to get started on #Phase4 on contingency) I still have about $55,000 in unpaid legal bills at the moment, and about $100,000 that I owe to friends and supporters who have carried me through the past two years (and all of the related expenses.) No amount is too small or too large!  If you want to save me the GoFundMe fee, you can instead send a check to me at: Tamara Rubin, 7933 SE 15th Avenue, Portland, OR 97202. Payment to help with my legal fees can also be sent directly to my attorneys, send me a message for more information about that.
  7. Chip in something via my “Chip In” link (using a credit card or PayPal). This is my preferred method of support as each day I have expenses related to my advocacy work (direct or indirect) that I am trying to cover.  When you use the Chip In link I get the funds right away, and it really helps! There is a fee for this (although it is less than the GoFundMe fee) and 30% of each Chip-In gift also goes to repay a line of credit I have through PayPal that helped me cover some of my advocacy costs a few months ago.
  8. Use PayPal “send money to friends and family” to support my advocacy with a financial contribution (No fee for this!), my “send money” address is my main email address: [& Venmo is the same!]

Thank you for considering supporting my advocacy work!

Tamara Rubin