Lead Safe Mama Newsletter Feb 21 2019

#LeadSafeMama Newsletter: February 21, 2019 – #Gratitude

Thursday, February 21, 2019 In the midst of what continues to be a very challenging time for my advocacy work (due to the attacks and legal battle that have now dragged on for nearly three years) I wanted to take a moment to express my sincerest gratitude to those who have stuck by me and supported my advocacy work […]

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February March 2019 Lead Safe Mama Travel Schedule

Lead Safe Mama is coming to a city near you! Next Up: San Francisco & Seattle

For those interested in a one-on-one #HealthyHome consultation with yours truly, here’s my travel schedule with upcoming dates and locations in February & March of 2019 (check back here for updates or click the “Travel Schedule“ tab any time!) Seattle Area* February 23, 2019 – Saturday 2:30 – 5:00 [EK] Available morning or evening February […]

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1973 Daffy Duck Pepsi Collector Series Drinking Glass Lead Safe Mama 3

1973 Warner Brothers Pepsi Collector Series Daffy Duck Drinking Glass: 71,800 ppm Lead (90 ppm is unsafe for kids.)

In newly manufactured items that are intended for use by children and made today, 90 ppm Lead (or higher) is considered illegal in the paint, glaze or coating. 100 ppm Lead (or higher) is considered illegal in the base substrate. In addition to the Lead listed in the title, this piece also tested positive for […]

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Stats February 19 2019

#LeadSafeMama Stats: 540,158+ views, by 216,948 people, in 161 countries in three months!

In pulling together information for my newsletter, I review my numbers (hence all the stats and financial update posts today). While the financial stuff is interesting… THIS is what is most exciting to me (always):  540,158+ views by 216,948 people in 161 countries in three months! I mean, “who knew?”! Who knew that I could […]

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Rae Dunn Magenta Snack Tray Lead Safe Mama 1

Rae Dunn (by Magenta) Snack / Treat Serving Dish, Made in China: 647 +/- 37 ppm Lead

When tested with an XRF instrument this Rae Dunn (by Magenta, Made In China) snack / treat dish had the following readings: Lead (Pb): 647 +/- 37 ppm  Cadmium (Cd): Non-Detect (Nd) Mercury (Hg): Non-Detect (Nd) Barium (Ba): Non-Detect (Nd) Chromium (Cr): Non-Detect (Nd) Antimony (Sb): Non-Detect (Nd) Selenium (Se): Non-Detect (Nd) To see more […]

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Metalware Tray Lead Safe Mama 1

Polished Metalware Tray: 757 ppm Lead (All trays like this that I have tested have been positive for Lead.)

When tested with an XRF instrument this metalware tray had the following reading: Lead (Pb): 757 +/- 45 ppm Cadmium (Cd): Non-Detect (Nd) Mercury (Hg): Non-Detect (Nd) Barium (Ba): Non-Detect (Nd) Chromium (Cr): Non-Detect (Nd) Antimony (Sb): Non-Detect (Nd) Selenium (Se): Non-Detect (Nd) I have tested dozens of these metalware trays and they are always positive for […]

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Vintage Radio Shack Phone Lead Safe Mama 1

Vintage Radio Shack Phone: 1,850 ppm Lead. Remember these things? [Phones? Radio Shack?!]

This vintage Radio Shack brand phone had the following readings when tested with an XRF instrument: Lead (Pb): 1,850 +/- 43 ppm Cadmium (Cd): Non-Detect (Nd) Arsenic (As): Non-Detect (Nd) Mercury (Hg): Non-Detect (Nd) Antimony (Sb): 190 +/- 28 ppm Barium (Ba): Non-Detect (Nd) Chromium (Cr):  Non-Detect (Nd) Selenium (Se): Non-Detect (Nd) People often hold on […]

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