Can I come visit your community and do an outreach event?

The Opportunity
Here’s the thing…I LOVE Traveling. I LOVE doing outreach events. I LOVE meeting all of you in person! (If you have been to one of my events and met me in person please leave a comment on this post so others can get a sense of the experience and the value folks get out of my outreach events!!!)
When I do outreach events:
  • I often do an information-rich, engaging film and/or video presentation (from my rather exhaustive library of hard-to-find videos and original footage — featuring amazing stories, insights and perspectives from parents, politicians, journalists, and top scientists and other experts!) 
  • I often host a community discussion (usually with a panel of local mothers of lead poisoned children sharing about their experiences with input from other local experts on childhood lead poisoning prevention),
  • I can bring FREE blood lead testing with me (I just need to find a volunteer nurse or clinic (CLIA Wave Certified) but can get all the equipment and test vials donated by my corporate sponsors)
  • I can bring FREE XRF consumer goods testing with me (including free soil testing!) and…
  • sometimes I can bring free home test kits (and other relevant products) to give away.

If you want to help organize an event for me to come to your area please let my helpers Bronwyn and September know. They will work with you to help you:

  • find a sponsor for the event (to cover my costs/ travel/ etc.)
  • find a location for the event (churches and movie theaters are great and we can often get them donated during the day or on an off-night – hospitals and universities usually have wonderful meeting rooms with top notch A.V. equipment too!),
  • line up volunteers to make the event successful (we need a volunteer nurse (see above), and volunteers to help with the blood lead testing and XRF testing, and volunteers to help spread the word about the event, and volunteer greeters) and…
  • pull together a good audience too (your friends, our friends, everyone we can round up within a 50 mile radius!)

I WANT to come to YOUR TOWN and do free XRF testing for everyone who wants to come. I want to meet you and hear your stories. I want to get you free blood testing for you (and your spouse!) and your kiddos. I want to answer your questions and give you advice and support in person. Together we can make this happen! 🙂


My base speaking engagement/event fee (that can  include all of the above and more) is $5,500 [that also includes all my expenses — my travel (airfare & local ground transportation), lodging, etc., as well as the cost of my helpers to work with you to help coordinate the event, and the cost of renting an XRF.] One to three corporate sponsors can usually easily come up with that funding (each chipping in $1,500 or $2,000 or similar!) Good sponsors include: hospitals, medical clinics, nursing schools, maternity clinics, universities, private high schools (I love talking to students; they learn so quickly – and ask great questions!), pediatricians, real estate-related firms (mortgage providers, home insurance providers, real estate agencies, etc.), EPA RRP certified contractors, and others.

Many of my event hosts help me coordinate making sure nurses, doctors, childcare providers, special needs education specialists (and sometimes even specialty contractors!) receive CEUs for attending my presentations – so I would love to help you make that happen as well.

2019 Update: So lets put our thinking caps on and see what we can come up with together! My goal is to coordinate 24 collaborative lead poisoning prevention outreach events across the country in 2019!

Thank you!

Tamara Rubin
Pic (for attention) is Charlie’s new therapy bunny!

2 Responses to Can I come visit your community and do an outreach event?

  1. Mindy Allen April 19, 2018 at 4:16 am #

    There is not a better expert in lead poisoning than Tamara Rubin! She is beyond a passionate advocate. She has a wealth of knowledge and is an engaging speaker. I highly recommend Tamara if you are interested in the very best for raising awareness/educating any population (regardless of income or demographic) on the subject of lead poisoning.

    • Tamara April 19, 2018 at 9:19 am #

      Thank you, Mindy! I hope to come to Charleston again soon!

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