Corningware “Etch” Casserole Dish (New, 2017)

Corningware “Etch”, New (2017).
230 ppm lead on the outside.
91 ppm lead on the inside.
Tested with an XRF Instrument.
Here is my Amazon Affiliate link for this product:

These levels are considered safe by most standards.  Most likely leach tested (and most likely passed!). Comments on the original Facebook post for this piece reiterate my personal sentiment… in 2017 a company like Corningware should have the capacity to make completely lead-free cookware.

My #SaferChoices for a casserole dish can be found on this link.

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  1. Richard Bergstrom October 15, 2017 at 11:09 pm #

    Tamara: You never post on the toxicity of metal cookware – or on non-stick coated cookware? How come? This a bigger problem than you realize. Get the truth out about metal toxicity. There are other toxic metals besides lead.

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