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Miracle Rice Cooker And Steamer Lead Safe Mama Tamara Rubin 1

#Leaded: Miracle Rice Cooker c. 2009, Made In China

This Miracle Rice Cooker, purchased new c. 2009 (sorry —  I don’t have an exact year) used to be our personal rice cooker. We chose it because at the time, it was the only model on the market that featured a “benign” stainless steel pot (vs. aluminum — usually with some sort of nasty/toxic “non-stick coating”); it was […]

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Oxo Good Grips Green Silicone Vegetable Steamer Lead Safe Mama Tamara Rubin 1

#LeadFree: 2018 OXO Good Grips Green Silicone Steamer Basket

OXO Good Grips Green Silicone Steamer Basket. Made In China. Purchased new on Amazon in July of 2018. For more OXO items I have tested, click here. The XRF metals reading for this item are: Zinc (Zn): 118 +/- 20 ppm Copper (Cu): 56 +/- 23 ppm Titanium (Ti): 932 +/- 530 ppm It was […]

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Sunsella Green Silicone Vegetable Steamer 1

#LeadFree: Sunsella Green Silicone Vegetable Steamer

Sunsella Green Silicone Vegetable Steamer. Made In China. Purchased new on Amazon in July of 2018. Please note: this thing REEKS of chemicals. The smell coming out of the package was quite overwhelming. Not all chemicals are metals or have metal components, so not all chemicals are detectable with an XRF instrument. The XRF metals […]

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Zak Designs Made In China Elsa Ceramic Coffee Mug 1

#Leaded: 2014 Zak Designs Frozen Anna & Elsa Mug

When tested with an XRF instrument this 2014 “zak! designs” Anna & Elsa Mug from Disney’s animated film Frozen tested positive for lead (Pb) at 8,834 ppm. The amount of lead that is considered toxic (and illegal) in a modern item made and intended to be used by children is anything 90 ppm lead or […]

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July 1, 2018 Letter to Pura Kiki from Erika

Erika’s Letter To Pura

This is Erika’s letter to Pura (to which they responded, here). Erika has agreed to let me share this (and their response to her) with you! Thanks Erika, for standing up for kids everywhere whose parents have been led to believe they have purchased a safe (and lead-free) product. Tamara Rubin #LeadSafeMama _______________________

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Ceramic Decorative Christmas Stocking Tamara Rubin Lead Safe Mama 1

#Leaded: Glazed Ceramic Christmas Stocking Desk Decoration, by

Ceramic stocking (desk top decoration) by Lead: 33,200 +/- 1,300 ppm Cadmium: 3,258 +/- 249 ppm* When I test an item like this and find a high lead level on one color, I don’t bother testing each of the additional colors… because “that’s enough!”  I am also pissed off, because this is yet another […]

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Vintage Royal Norfolk Ceramic Snowman Mug Christmas Lead Safe Mama Tamara Rubin 1

#Leaded: Royal Norfolk Ceramic Snowman Christmas Mug

This Royal Norfolk “Made In China” snowman mug tested positive for lead and cadmium at the following levels (Note, year of manufacture is unknown, however I don’t believe this is very old): Green Glaze: Lead (Pb): 198 +/- 27 ppm ~ Red Glaze: Lead (Pb): 939 +/- 68 ppm Cadmium (Cd): 539 +/- 39 ppm* […]

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Lucerne Foods Ceramic Christmas Cookie Jar Tamara Rubin Lead Safe Mama 1

#Leaded: Lucerne Foods Holiday Christmas Food Storage Canister

This Lucerne Foods cookie jar/food storage container was positive for lead at the following levels when tested with an XRF instrument: Outside Glaze: 5,441 +/- 189 ppm lead (Pb) & 150 +/- 16 ppm cadmium (Cd). ~ Inside Glaze: 159 +/- 33 ppm lead (Pb). This piece was non-detect (ND/Negative) for mercury (Hg) and arsenic […]

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2017 Walgreens Ceramic Santa Mug Lead Safe Mama 1

#LeadSafe: 2017 Walgreens Ceramic Christmas “Not Intended For Children” Santa Claus Mug (but Cadmium!)

This 2017 Santa Mug (which I personally purchased last holiday season from Walgreens in Milwaukie, Oregon, once I saw the label on the bottom – scroll down to see the pic!) was positive for lead and cadmium in the following levels: Red Glaze: Lead (Pb): 122 +/- 54 ppm Cadmium (Cd): 1,657 +/- 105 ppm […]

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