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IF I were going to cook a turkey….

Hi! I have gotten this question enough that it seems like a good time to finally answer it on my blog! We keep a vegan/ vegetarian home here a the Rubin HQ, so I won’t be personally cooking a turkey any time soon (I made a promise to my husband when we got married more […]

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#SaferChoices: Casserole Dishes

Here are some #SaferChoices for casserole dishes that are most likely to be lead-free.  These are similar to ones I have tested or have in my home. General rule of thumb: When looking for a casserole dish avoid colors, avoid ceramics, and avoid enamel-coated metal casseroles. Have the food be the decoration on your table, […]

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Blue Glass Pyrex Custard Cup Ramekin

Blue Glass Pyrex Custard Dish

Blue Glass Pyrex Custard Dish: Lead-Free!  (“Non-Detect For Lead!”) Tamara’s Grade: “A+” A+= I would definitely have these and use these in my home. (In fact I have the same exact ones in clear glass.) If you appreciate my advocacy work, please consider donating even just $5 via my #GoFundMe! Link HERE! Thank you.

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Lead-Free Measuring Cup Choices

My friends, followers and readers have been asking me for this one for a while, so here’s a dedicated post with a few choices for measuring cups that are similar to those in my home or are similar to ones I recommend based on testing I have done for others. Important Note: Many of the […]

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Lead Free Pyrex: Measuring Cup

Non-detect for lead • 326 ppm cadmium in the red writing Sorry – I don’t have any more information about the model number or year of manufacture on this one! #XRFTesting • #LeadedPyrex Please share and browse the photo library (click on the #XRFTesting link above) of this site to see items I have personally […]

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#Leaded: Vintage Pyrex Cinderella Mixing Bowl in Black & White “Gooseberry” Pattern, c. 1957-1966

Small vintage “Gooseberry” pattern Pyrex Cinderella style mixing bowl- white glass with black paint. Black painted pattern: 35,500 parts per million (ppm) lead. White glass: 183 ppm lead.  To learn more about XRF Testing & the potential implications of lead in cookware click HERE and HERE.  Read more about lead-in-Pyrex here.

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Leaded Pyrex: Teacup

Made in USA: Pyrex; cup & saucer – 79,800 ppm lead & 1,962 ppm cadmium #XRFTesting • #LeadedPyrex Please share and browse the photo library (click on the #XRFTesting link above) of this site to see items I have personally tested that have tested both positive and negative for lead. To learn more about XRF […]

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#Leaded: “Orange Fiesta” Pattern Vintage Pyrex Casserole with Lid, 1971

Vintage Pyrex “Orange Fiesta” pattern casserole with fruit images on lid. 1971. Solid orange of base: 55,000 ppm lead It also tested positive for: 3,783 ppm cadmium, 83 ppm barium, 79 ppm chromium, 47 ppm bromine, & for fun – 2,068 ppm gold)! 😉 ______ Total content level for lead (as measured by an XRF) […]

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