Pyrex Glass Measuring Cup (c. 2004): Positive for 31,300 ppm Lead in the Red Exterior Writing.


Pyrex Glass Measuring Cup.
Purchased new circa 2004.

When tested with an XRF instrument the exterior red writing on this measuring cup was positive for Lead (Pb) at the following level: 31,300 ppm

For context: the amount of Lead (Pb) that is considered toxic in an item intended to be used by children is anything 90 ppm or higher in the paint or coating or 100 ppm higher in the substrate. Dishware or bakeware (and generally anything used in the kitchen) is not regulated regarding the presence Lead (Pb) in the same way that modern toys are regulated.

Regardless of regulatory compliance considerations, this is very high amount of Lead (Pb) to be found in the paint of a relatively modern item intended for use in food preparation activities.

There is no reason for any company to be using any kind of Lead (Pb) paint in cookware in the 21st century.

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