I made it to the front page of Snopes again (4th Time!) & this time the article is about ME and MY WORK not about something I tested. #LOL

Because really no one should BOTHER actually reading Snopes (in the past they have both tried to discredit my findings [vintage Pyrex] AND used my findings as a source to prove something is true [Walmart jelly shoes, fidget spinners]), below is an “info-graphic” that I made with the highlights of the article….and even though the article still is yellow journalism and makes an attempt to discredit me both by not mentioning relevant facts and information and mentioning totally irrelevant “facts” and information – it’s still pretty cool that it starts out with the following sentence:

“A frequently recurring item in Snopes’ inbox is the question “is this true?” combined with a link to a post by Tamara Rubin, the self-described “Lead Safe Mama.” Rubin has made a career out of testing household items for lead with the aim of raising awareness that lead exists in a variety of products which children, who are more prone to the effects of lead poisoning, could potentially come into contact with. Such items often include vintage cookware or toys created before the implementation of stronger lead regulations, as well as other household products.”

DUDE! Questions about my work are “a frequently recurring item in Snopes’ inbox” – LOL! That’s cool all by itself.

Tamara Rubin
That woman who allegedly goes by the self-described moniker #LeadSafeMama

And for this info-graphic I chose a selection of photos that they COULD have used as the highlighted image on their post but instead they used an unflattering screenshot from Vimeo…. (because an ugly old woman picture better illustrates their attempts to discredit me – even though in the end their article fully validates my work! LOL!)

Here’s an actual screenshot of the front page (more to come on this subject shortly).

5 Responses to I made it to the front page of Snopes again (4th Time!) & this time the article is about ME and MY WORK not about something I tested. #LOL

  1. Miranda Benetti March 20, 2019 at 10:11 pm #

    Wow! So they actually admitted that you were right, that’s wonderful! 🙂
    You mentioned Walmart jelly shoes?
    When I was little, I got blood poisoning from wearing jelly shoes. They rubbed a blister on my foot and then I developed a red streak running up my leg. :/
    Those shoes are toxic junk!

    • Tamara March 20, 2019 at 10:40 pm #

      Yikes! I am so sorry that happened to you Miranda!


  2. Melissa Leet March 27, 2019 at 12:09 pm #

    I’m sorry, but when I Googled this issue the *only* result was you. That isn’t enough for me to dump my measuring cups. I believe in being cautious but not paranoid.

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