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Most Certainly Yes Lead Safe Mama

I made it to the front page of Snopes again (4th Time!) & this time the article is about ME and MY WORK not about something I tested. #LOL

Because really no one should BOTHER actually reading Snopes (in the past they have both tried to discredit my findings [vintage Pyrex] AND used my findings as a source to prove something is true [Walmart jelly shoes, fidget spinners]), below is an “info-graphic” that I made with the highlights of the article….and even though the […]

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Published 12/3/2016, 7:15 a.m. This blog-post is in response to a piece by a contributing writer to Snopes. In this piece the author questions the FACT that there is an unsafe level of lead in vintage Pyrex items – and asserts that potential harm that could be caused by these leaded items is “unproven” (implying […]

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