XRF Test Results For Vintage WWII Era Coffee, Tea & Biscuit Tins.

When testing the World War II era food storage tins (using XRF technology) I found that they were painted with high lead paint.

Please take a close look at the photo (below) and see how much of the paint has worn off of these canisters over the years.

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I did several readings for these tins and found the following results:

  • Lead (Pb): 2,272 +/- 266 ppm – Reading One
  • Lead (Pb): 1,671 +/- 172 ppm – Reading Two
  • Lead (Pb): 2,945 +/- 199 ppm – Reading Three
  • Mercury (Hg): Negative/ Non-Detect
  • Arsenic (As): Negative/ Non-Detect
  • Cadmium (Cd): Negative/ Non-Detect

Two of the readings were also positive for Chromium:

  • Chromium (Cr): 2,586 +/- 943 ppm – Reading One
  • Chromium (Cr): 3,321 +/- 1,292 ppm – Reading Two

No other metals were detected.

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I personally would not have ANYTHING like this in my home and I especially would not use it for any kind of food storage. I would give this a “Grade F”.

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Tamara Rubin

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