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Vintage Red Pyrex Milk Glass Fridge Container with Lid Tamara Rubin Lead Safe Mama 1

#SuperLeaded: Vintage Pyrex Food Storage Container with Lid

This vintage Pyrex food storage container (which I bought on eBay for my book and my #MuseumOfLead collection) was positive for lead at some of the highest levels I have ever found. It’s super interesting to note how the red is fairly solid with few blemishes and little wear, much like it would have been […]

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Lucerne Foods Ceramic Christmas Cookie Jar Tamara Rubin Lead Safe Mama 1

#Leaded: Lucerne Foods Holiday Christmas Food Storage Canister

This Lucerne Foods cookie jar/food storage container was positive for lead at the following levels when tested with an XRF instrument: Outside Glaze: 5,441 +/- 189 ppm lead (Pb) & 150 +/- 16 ppm cadmium (Cd). ~ Inside Glaze: 159 +/- 33 ppm lead (Pb). This piece was non-detect (ND/Negative) for mercury (Hg) and arsenic […]

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Oxo Glass Cube, Food Storage

These are cool! OXO glass storage with plastic lid #LeadFree Affiliate Link: Tested “non-detect” for lead using an XRF instrument All components tested – Please consider supporting my independent consumer goods testing and advocacy work by making a contribution via the link below.  Thank you! Http://

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Leaded Pyrex: Worn Colors

Reddish orange Pyrex dish with most of paint worn off: 23,000 ppm lead This is a great example of how the colors on these pieces wear. And the question is… where does that leaded color go?  Also important note: even with so much wear, it tested incredibly high for lead. Imagine what the lead level […]

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Leaded Pyrex: Small Red Storage Dish

Small vintage / antique red Pyrex dish • 53,900 ppm lead — The current federal hazard level for an item intended for children [The level at which an item is considered unsafe] is 90 ppm lead and higher. Not 900. Not 9,000. Definitely not 53,900. Given the amount of wear on the coating on vintage […]

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