#AskTamara: What Does A Snack Look Like At Your House?

I grabbed this post from Facebook, originally posted January 5, 2018.

My social media followers like to me to share some simple vignettes from my life. There are critics who are CERTAIN I can’t possibly have a lead-free / lead-safe home (they insist I must have some lead in my home!) so I especially like to share the simple ways I keep my home lead free.

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This is a photo I took when I was taking a snack up to my son who was sick in bed.
It’s not expensive to keep a lead-free home!

  • Lead-free unpainted wood table: $35, yard sale
  • Lead-free clear glass plate: someone left behind at a Phish concert (July 2015) after everyone was gone and I was striking my booth!
  • Lead-free glass of lead-free filtered water = Kerr jar! Purchased locally (store on our block.)
  • Food: Organic local Fuji apple, sliced … & organic cutie orange

    Affiliate link*: (Kerr jars): http://amzn.to/2CwgfwQ

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Tamara Rubin

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