Aside from *getting arrested, November was one of my best months ever!

November was a great month for! 70,501 unique views… my second best month ever (second only to June 2017 with the #WallMartJellyShoes and #FidgetSpinner chaos, with 71,904 unique views!)

The tremendous impact this past month was in large part the result of the CBS Morning News national coverage of my advocacy work, as well as the response to the more than 100 new posts with consumer goods testing results that I published here (on my blog) in November and shared on social media (107 new blog posts in November to be exact!)

My Amazon Affiliate income for November was also great! $566.98 for the month of November! Thank you for using my links before you started your Amazon shopping!

Of course, being accused of a crime — and getting arrested in my kitchen (in front of my 9 year old son) and being hauled away to jail in handcuffs (all firsts for me!) on Tuesday, November 28th, added a wrinkle to me considering this a good month.

I am still processing what happened, and will be writing more about it soon. Perhaps it is a “rite of passage” for any advocate — being wrongly accused of false allegations and getting arrested?! This next (unexpected!) chapter will likely take the next 3 to 6 months of my life  — compiling documentation and working with my attorneys to prove and defend my innocence, so if you have been following these events and had thought about donating to help with my legal fees –  but have not yet  – I would truly appreciate that; you can even write checks (either donations or loans to me) directly to my lawyers if you like.

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Another (tangential) silver lining… my oldest son told me that he thought I was “pretty badass” …that I dared to ask the arresting officer if he would take a selfie with me (right before he handcuffed me!) [Click the selfie to see the post on Facebook!]

Hey, I’m a documentarian… I document in film, photos and writing… documenting what happens in the world and the state of affairs as I see it is central to my advocacy work, so taking a selfie with the arresting officer seemed like a #NoBrainer.[Kicking myself later of course, that I didn’t somehow find a means to film my own arrest!] I didn’t think twice about taking the selfie (although my hands were trembling as I posted it to Facebook – mostly because they were about to handcuff me and I needed to type really fast… and at that moment I didn’t know when I would be able to post again (or communicate with the world in any way) and I felt it was incredibly important to share the moment with my 16,000+ followers if I was going to make it through the crazy!)

Thanks for everything. Your appreciation of my work and your help spreading the message means EVERTYHING to me during this incredibly dark time for our country!

And with all things recently… I can’t thank Carissa (with Creative Green Living) enough for rushing to be with my children while I was in jail on Tuesday and helping me make it through the day (as well as helping me make it through the week this week!)

Tamara Rubin

November 70,510 views!

June: 71,904 views!

2 Responses to Aside from *getting arrested, November was one of my best months ever!

  1. Elizabeth O'Brien December 6, 2017 at 3:04 pm #

    Why were you arrested Tamara?

    • Tamara December 6, 2017 at 8:01 pm #

      I’ll send you a note! It’s been crazy. False allegations.

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