#Leaded (Unexpectedly!) Magnet Stick & Ball Toy

This is a yard sale find toy, so the year and brand are not known.  Important to note there are two different types of metal balls in this set.

The balls are not magnetic (only the sticks are magnetic.)

  • The grayish/dull metal balls are lead-free.
  • The plastic sticks with magnets on each end are lead-free.
  • The metal balls that look newer and *look* like they are made of stainless steel or similar (the have a shiny chromed finish) are positive for lead at 3,319 +/- 337 ppm.
  • The shiny balls  are negative (ND / “non-detect”) for mercury (Hg), arsenic (As) and cadmium (Cd.)

In general these toys with small (ingestible) magnets terrify me as children have died from swallowing more than one (and then the magnets connect and pierce their intestines and a child can bleed to death.) As a result I was relatively *happy* to learn they can also have lead, as that gives me another reason to NOT recommend them to families.

Here is an alternate magnetic toy that has a better design, is lead-free and I would recommend instead (in fact I would LOVE to have these for my own children!) I have tested several of these toys (from different brands) and they have all been lead-free.

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