#LeadSafe: Polish Ceramic Dishes

Polish dishes.
Small bowl: 99 ppm lead, 37 ppm Cadmium, 1175 ppm Chromium (non-detect for As & Hg)

Pasta dish: 192 ppm lead, 22 ppm arsenic
(non-detect for Cr / Hg / Cd.)

Tested with an XRF in 2016.

These are within safe “range” for this sort of thing, and for decorative dishes they are very very low in toxicants. If you invited me to your home and served me (and my family) food in these dishes, I would be totally fine eating out of them.

However I personally STILL prefer #LeadFree dishes over #LeadSafe dishes.

Here’s are links to some new (lead-free) bowls on Amazon.*
These are bowls I have in my home!
Set of 3 lead-free soup/cereal bowls (28 oz): $18.74
Set of 4 lead-free bowls (12 oz): $14.99
Set of 6 lead-free bowls (18 oz): $22.99
& these are my favorite!

For more #SaferChoices for your family, click here.

To make a contribution in support of my independent consumer goods testing and lead poisoning prevention advocacy work, click here.  Thank you!

*Amazon links are affiliate links. If you choose to make a purchase after clicking one of these links I will receive a small percentage of what you spend, at no extra cost to you! Thank you! 


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