Leaded Crystal Candle Sticks

Candlestick I found at a yardsale, proudly displaying a “24% Lead Crystal” sticker!
This means they are 240,000 ppm lead.

There is no safe level of lead exposure to children.  Items manufactured today that are intended for use by children must be no higher than 90 ppm lead. Items intended for use by adults (especially decorative items) are not regulated for total lead content in any way.

Leaded crystal (especially crystal with higher levels of lead) can chalk lead into the environment (depending on how the crystal was made) and will often test positive with a LeadCheck swab, especially if the item has been sitting on a shelf not cleaned for a long period of time. Manufacturing and selling crystal with lead is not (yet) illegal. It is not (yet) regulated. Purchasing leaded crystal products contributes to the mining and refining of the lead required to make these products, which adds lead to the atmosphere and contributes to “background” levels of lead contamination in our environment. Conversely  – choosing to not buy them  – and finding lead-free alternatives helps to save the planet!  You choose!

Here’s a link to some lead-free choices on Amazon!*
Lead-free crystal candle sticks – $35.50
Unfinished wood candle sticks – $9.49
Stainless steel candle sticks – $118.00

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*Amazon links are affiliate links. If you choose to make a purchase after clicking one of these links I will receive a small percentage of what you spend, at no extra cost to you! Thank you!
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