#LeadedCrocks: Ceramic Rival CrockPot Liner

Rival crockpot black glazed ceramic liner:  119 ppm lead

Suggestion – stainless cookers.

All of the modern crockpots I have tested – like this one (with a few exceptions) have trace levels of lead.

This is lead at a “contamination level” – not an “additive level” – meaning – they are not likely adding lead to the glaze or clay – it’s just in there at very low levels.

That said it is possible to make lead-free cookware and lead- free pottery and I have tested plenty of examples that were completely lead-free.

With these crockpots its very likely (since they are mass-produced by known brand names) that they have been leach-tested and deemed “safe” and also properly labeled so “prop 65 compliant” – however I personally would not cook with anything that tested positive for lead, even at trace levels and ESPECIALLY something that is supposed to slow-cook food for hours.

The amount of lead that is considered toxic in an item intended for children is 90 ppm lead. Dishes are not measured by this sort of standard, they are only measured by leach testing/ prop-65 compliance.

Most older dishes and cookware have not been leach tested.

Stick with newer products manufactured by companies that are likely to have done leach-testing.

Call the companies and ask to see their testing results.

OR make sure you have lead-free cookware (again ask the company if they have lead, mercury or cadmium in any of their products.)

Tested with an XRF

For lead-free slow-cooker options click here.


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