#LeadSafe: Newer White Square Crate & Barrel Dishes

2012 Crate & Barrel, Square Pattern Dishes, Made In China.
Small white plate: 49 +/- 14 ppm lead.
Medium white plate:  85 +/- 17 ppm lead.
Large white plate: 110 +/- 21 ppm lead.
White bowl:  57 +/- 14 ppm lead.
Mug: 82 +/- 18 ppm lead.
Glass: ND 4 all.

Here’s a link to a similar set on Amazon,
although I haven’t tested this exact one.

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All of the dishes were ND (Non-Detect) for cadmium (Cd), arsenic (As), and mercury (Hg.) The lead levels are within safe range by all standards.  As newly produced dishes from a brand name manufacturer they have likely also been leach tested.  I would consider these safe to eat off of, and while I might not have them in my home, if I was visiting you and you served me food on these plates I would have no issue with that.

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