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Twinsies! We each got letters from Green Sprouts’ attorneys on the same day!

This is a follow up post about the situation that has unfolded as a result of the high levels of lead I found (using XRF testing) in a newly purchased/ newly manufactured sippy cup (manufactured as intended to be used for infants and young children) made by Green Sprouts.  To see all the related posts […]

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Supporting Details & Studies on the Appropriateness of #XRFTesting

This post was written as supporting documentation to a post about the Green Sprouts sippy cup focusing on the appropriateness and efficacy of XRF testing as a methodology for consumer goods testing. Thanks for reading! If you take the time to read this and follow the links, I applaud your efforts to better understand the concerns […]

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My back yard… #LeadFreeLiving

Re-sharing an older post! I took this picture of our back yard and realized that every element in the photos had a “Lead story”  – so I thought it might be fun to annotate it and share it with you all, in case it could help you come up with some new ideas for making your own home lead-safe! Click […]

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This is what a responsible company looks like! Letter from Instant Pot…

I was thrilled to get a wonderfully responsible and friendly letter from the people at Instant Pot. Not only were they friendly and open in their communications, they also were interested in my XRF testing findings and are taking a proactive approach towards improving their product, even though they are not required to do this, […]

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#SaferChoices: Which Water Bottles, Baby Bottles & Sippy Cups Are Lead Free?

#AskTamara Questions: Which water bottles are lead free? Which baby bottles are lead free? Which sippy cups are lead free? How do I tell if my child’s bottle is safe? (lead-safe, lead-free, free of toxicants?) Answers: Of the many popular brands of the water bottles, sippy cups and baby bottles that I have tested with […]

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#LeadedSippyCups: My original letter to the GreenSprouts Cup manufacturer.

Newly manufactured sippy cup: 3003 ppm lead. Click the image of the letter below to see a full size PDF of my original letter reporting these results to the manufacturer. If you appreciate my advocacy work (including the testing I do for parents around the world) please consider contributing to my “GoFundMe” during this very […]

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