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2013 Riedel Crystal Goblet

2013 Riedel Crystal Goblet:  300,000 ppm lead. Lead can begin leaching into the contents of a leaded crystal goblet immediately. The more acidic the contents of the glass the more quickly lead will leach into the beverage and the longer the beverage spends in the goblet the more lead will leach. [Wine, juice & champagne […]

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Leaded Crystal: “Rainbow Maker”

Hanging crystal rainbow maker. 403,000 ppm lead. Yes, that is more than 40% lead! These can create lead dust and will very often test positive with a LeadCheck swab. Here’s a link to some lead-free options on Amazon!* Oval one from Swarovski for $17.95 Round one from Swarovski for $24.95 A smaller round one from Swarovski […]

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