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Dollar Tree Store Greenbrier Interntional Mardi Gras Beads 2019 Lead Safe Mama 1

Dollar Tree Store (Spring 2019) Mardi Gras Beads: Lead Free, Cadmium Free, Mercury Free & Arsenic Free (and just $1)

Continue reading below each photo of the different color beads to see the full XRF test results for that color bead. I often share that because the Dollar stores (Dollar Tree, Dollar General, etc.) have had so many violations in the past they are actually doing a good job of keeping Lead, Cadmium, Mercury and […]

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Rosary Beads Charm Tested in 2017 LeadSafe Mama Tamara Rubin

Rosary Bead Charm – Positive for Lead at 5,190 ppm.

The metal charm on the rosary bead strand pictured here was positive for Lead (Pb) at 5,190 ppm when tested with an XRF instrument. The amount of Lead that is considered toxic in an item made for use by children specifically is anything 100 ppm Lead or higher in the substrate or anything 90 ppm […]

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2012 Blue Mardi Gras Beads from New Orleans Lead Safe Mama

2012 Blue Mardi Gras Beads: 15,800 ppm Lead (Pb) [90 ppm and up is unsafe for kids!]

Blue Metallic Plastic Mardi Gras Beads. When filming for my documentary in New Orleans in February of 2012 we collected quite a few sets of Mardi Gras beads, including this set. When tested with an XRF instrument the blue plastic beads pictured had the following readings: Lead (Pb): 15,800 ppm Cadmium (Cd): 2,028 ppm [This […]

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Golden Mardi Gras Beads From 2014 Charleston Tamara Rubin Lead Safe Mama

2014 Golden Mardi Gras Beads; 1,127 ppm Lead (Pb)- [90 ppm and up is unsafe for kids!]

Gold Plastic Mardi Gras Beads. In 2014 I did an outreach event at the Charleston Children’s Museum and did XRF testing of consumer goods for folks who came to the museum that day. A nanny came up to my table pushing a toddler in her stroller and I noticed the toddler had these beads around […]

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Beaded Wolf Necklace Lead Safe Mama Tamara Rubin

#Leaded: 1990s Glass Seed Bead Wolf Necklace

1990s Glass Seed Bead Wolf Necklace. Seed beads like this commonly test positive for lead and cadmium and sometimes even mercury and arsenic. I personally avoid pieces like this in my home, but I must admit they are very beautiful! While it is very difficult to separate out the different beads on a piece like […]

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Vintage Faux Pearls Tamara Rubin Lead Safe Mama

Maybe Grandma Can Keep Her Vintage Faux Pearls?: 295,900 ppm Lead

When tested with an XRF instrument, this set of Grandma’s vintage faux pearls (that feel like real pearls!) were positive for Lead at 295,900 +/- 34,000 ppm. At this level this is essentially Leaded crystal that these pearls are made of. The Lead is what gives them their weight and makes them feel real.  If your […]

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Faux Leaded Vintage Pearls Tamara Rubin Lead Safe Mama

Three sets of vintage faux pearls. Which ones have lead? How much lead do they have?

Which of these vintage faux pearls have lead? How much lead do they have?  Every now and then I like to create post that you can share with your friends when introducing them to the subject of lead in consumer goods.  When it’s a bit of a guessing game it tends to make it a […]

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Light Faux Leaded Vintage Pearls Tamara Rubin Lead Safe Mama

Vintage Faux Pearls, Off-White Heavy Plastic: 4,687 ppm Lead + 140 ppm Arsenic. [90 ppm Lead is unsafe for kids!]

Click here to see some of the other “pearls” I have tested. This is the fourth set of faux pearls I have posted here on my site. Since there is also no mark or maker on these pearls (as with most vintage faux pearls) I will do my best to describe some of the qualities […]

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