Rosary Bead Charm – Positive for Lead at 5,190 ppm.

The metal charm on the rosary bead strand pictured here was positive for Lead (Pb) at 5,190 ppm when tested with an XRF instrument.

The amount of Lead that is considered toxic in an item made for use by children specifically is anything 100 ppm Lead or higher in the substrate or anything 90 ppm or higher in the paint or coating. To my knowledge this item is not intended for use by children.

My concern for an item like this having lead is two-fold:

  1. The charm is small enough to be swallowed and with this much Lead if it were swallowed by a young child it could be fatal.
  2. These items are often put up against the mouth (in normal use – as intended) and are also often used as a fidget by younger children, who might put the charm part in their mouth as they are fidgeting – also creating a significant possible exposure risk.

To read more about XRF testing, Click Here.

I am not aware as to whether or not there are actually rosary bead sets made specifically for use by children. All of the rosary bead sets I have tested to date have had either charms, beads or spacer beads that were positive for high levels of Lead. If you know of a source of Lead-free rosary bead sets, please comment below on this post with a link!

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A simple solution is to choose a rosary strand with beads, charm and spacers where any metal components are made of sterling silver and any non-metal components are made of natural wood, natural seed beads or natural stone beads (or similar.)

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This is possibly an area where someone could start a new business making explicitly Lead-free rosary beads and charms!

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Tamara Rubin

Rosary Bead Charm - Positive for Lead at 5,190 ppm.

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