Thank you everyone for reading my blog and sharing it with your friends. #NewBestDayEver: 106,485 unique views in one day! New #BestMonthEver too!

I’m celebrating!!!!!

Yesterday was officially the #BestDayEver here on my blog, with 106,485 unique views in a single day! This was primarily due to my posts related to vintage Tupperware (link here) testing positive for Lead, Mercury, Cadmium and Arsenic when tested with an XRF instrument.

We’ve officially dubbed this #TupperwareGate2019 and it has also brought out the fury of the newly dubbed #TupperwareTrolls: sales people from (or ardent fans of) Tupperware who feel somehow threatened or offended by the fact that I found these toxicants in nearly 50-year old product, product made before many of them were born! This handful of people has decided to try to aggressively and vocally attack my work (in an attempt to discredit my findings) here on my blog and on social media. #WelcomeNewFriends

You may remember #DiffuserGate of 2018 (in December). #DiffuserGate was responsible for the previous record for my #BestDayEver at 42,721 unique views in one day on December 30, 2018. It took less than three (3!) months to break that record! I wonder what NEW records will be setting (and breaking) over the next three months?!

Prior to December 30, 2018, LeadSafeMama’s #BestDayEver was November 20, 2018 with more than 10,526 unique views that day (which also happened to be my birthday!) 

Outside of these crazy #BestDays, has been averaging 2,000 to 3,000 unique views a day in the past two years or so.

THIS JUST IN: Just a few minutes ago – as I was writing this – because of the past three wild days, March 2019 became’s #BestMonthEver, passing up the previous record holding month which was December 2018, which had 202,720 unique views in 31 days.

As of the time of the screenshot below (4:59 p.m. 3/12/2019) March 2019 already has 202,785 unique views — and it’s only the 12th day of the month!!!! 

And finally, I wanted to share with you that just the other day (March 3, 2019) I had predicted that would reach the 2,000,000th unique all-time view by the end of May 2019, however if this week somehow manages to continue on like the last few days have been going, we could reach that milestone as soon as the end of the day on Thursday 3/14/19! This “2,000,000 mark” is very exciting — especially since we just hit the 1,000,000th unique all-time view not even six (6)!!! months ago, on September 25, 2018. That’s means there’s been about a million unique views on this website in just the past six months.

We were already holding our breath for Thursday, because it is an especially exiting day for our family for other reasons: 3.14 is “Pi day”,  which is also the day we will find out if my 16 year old son was accepted to M.I.T.!)  – so I’ll happily take meeting that 2,000,000 mark on Thursday night as a “good omen”! 😉 Who wants to come over for champagne to celebrate!? We’ll be here  – and through the weekend too, because the St. Patrick’s Day festival for St. Agatha’s church across the street is on Saturday, so I expect we’ll be celebrating through the weekend with a beer garden and live music and men in kilts just 50 feet from my house through Saturday night!! – Seriously, come over and celebrate with us! Lol! [Text first!]

As always, thank you for reading and for sharing about my work. I truly cannot thank you enough. With days like yesterday, I feel like together (you, the readers of this blog and me) we have finally generated the momentum to take this issue to a whole new level, creating bigger broader impacts towards our combined efforts to protect children from environmental toxicity now and in the future. Thank you.

Tamara Rubin

*Stats are from the JetPack module in my site and differ slightly from Google Analytics stats for my site.

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