In the last 30 days 524,307 readers from 187 countries have read this blog!

This really makes me happy: In the last 30 days 524,307 readers have read my blog. They come from 187 different countries!!!

Another fun fact: 519,140 of these people are new to my blog in the past month. 

I know I have spent the last three years under attack, but knowing the difference this work is making (literally around the world!) helps to make it all worth it.

It’s hard to imagine that this kind of traffic is sustainable, that it is going to continue… but here’s hoping!

Just now as I was typing this, today (Wednesday, 3/20/19) became the #BestDayEver on the blog again… passing the previous #BestDayEver (yesterday, which had 117,595 views) now with 117,734 views for the day and the day is not even over yet.  I expect we’ll round out today with close to 120,000 views at this rate!

If this keeps up it looks like we may even pass a previously seemingly impossible new record of 1,000,000 unique views on / for the month of March 2019. If things continue at the current rate will end up with at least 1,095,000 unique page views for March 2019 alone! Thank you again for being here. Keep sharing! Together we can change the world and protect future generations from unnecessary (and preventable) exposure to environmental toxicity.

Tamara Rubin

Screenshot from Google Analytics tonight.

Update: 8:08 p.m., March 21, 2019 – Thursday:

More fun with numbers:

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