#LeadSafeMama Newsletter: January 11, 2019

For those who missed my January 11, 2019 newsletter & update – here’s that! Working on a new one (or two) today – it’s been a busy month+!

Hello!!! I’ve been slacking off a bit on the “newsletter” front because things have been so very busy on my website and on social media. For those of you who are not following the conversations on Facebook, below is a list of some of the highlights of the past month. Click on any of the images on the bottom for more information about that particular item. Highlights:
  • The traffic on my blog is better than it ever has been, with 203,204 unique viewsby more than 97,000 different people (in 139 countries) in December alone!!!!
  • As of Wednesday (1/9/2019) January became the third month ever (and the third month in a row) for my blog to pass 100,000 unique views (at the time of writing this it’s at 107,632 for January alone!)  [See link below.] Earlier this week my site also broke 1,500,000 all-time views. If things keep going at this rate 2019 may see an additional 3.5 million views for LeadSafeMama.com. Advertising income from this wild traffic helped me earn $3,900.92 income in Decemberalone (which I will be paid in February/March) – making this start to look like a sustainable business model if things keep up!
  • On my birthday (11/20) my site saw the “best day ever” jump to over 11,000 unique views in one day. However with #EssentialOilDiffuserGateOf2019on December 30, 2018 my #BestDayEver jumped to 42,721 unique views in a single day. [I found lead in more than one popular brand of essential oil diffusers and that finding – along with one of the company’s denials of basic scientific facts – drove the internet wild for a few days as well!]
  • In spite of the above successes, the next hearing in my legal case (yes the legal case that has been dragging on for nearly three years now – defending my advocacy against false claims)is February 19th and my home is set to be sold in a foreclosure sale on February 21st as a result of the hardship caused by this mess. [See link below for more about that!]
  • I am continuing to think of the future and build my business in spite of the ongoing crisis. To this end #LeadSafeMama t-shirts and lip balmare still being sent to folks around the country (thanks for your support in that way) and I also am working on lining up a week of home consultationsin California next week (in case you know anyone who may be interested!)
  • Are you curious about what’s been going viral? Please check out the “Top 10 posts”to see the vintage dishes that drove the internet wild in 2018.
  • Do you want to help?January 5th saw the one-year anniversary / business renewal of Lead Safe Mama, LLC.  I need to raise about $2,000 for a full website overhaul (readers have been asking for a more searchable / easy to use site for a while now), I need to raise a total of about $27,000 to save my home, my legal team is owed more than $30,000 right now (very patient folks they are!), I need to raise about $1,500 to cover other urgent costs as well. While donations are always welcome and I am very grateful for them, I do prefer to earn a living and would love to take this time to set up 10 or 15 speaking engagements for 2019 – which would cover all of the above.
  • On a more personal front: My eldest son lands in Spain today for a semester abroad with Berklee College of Music (on full scholarship). Last month my second son applied to MIT (he’s just 16 years old) and if he gets accepted he will start in the fall (full scholarship permitting.) My third son (the main reason I do this work) just got approved for medication that he has been waiting for for more than two years. My fourth son (he’s 10) attended school three days this week from 9:40 to 2:00 p.m., this was a first in years and marks the beginning (hopefully) of something big.

Thank you for reading. As always, please let me know if you have any questions.  Here’s to a better 2019 for all. [Things can only go up from here ;-)]

Tamara Rubin
This email sent without review from my star editor (aka, my husband), please excuse any typos and the excessive use of exclamation points!

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