Stand By…. XRF test results for Pioneer Woman Instant Pot to be posted shortly!

As many of you know we had a little giveaway in one of my Facebook groups recently. I promised that once we met a certain goal (of new members in the group, I think it was), then I would purchase a new-in-box Pioneer Woman Instant Pot and test it and randomly pick a winner from the group to “win” it after I was done testing it (regardless of whether-or-not it is positive for Lead!) 

I do expect the heating element will be positive for Lead, as has been the case with the other Instant’s Pots I have tested [Link.] I don’t yet know if any of the other components will be positive for Lead or other toxicants.

So here you go…. stand by for the results on this Pioneer Woman Instant Pot. Thank you for reading and for sharing my posts.

Tamara Rubin

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