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Pioneer Woman Instant Pot Lead Safe Mama

I’m going to give away a Pioneer Woman Instant Pot in my Facebook Group!

Well! Everyone this is the moment you have all been waiting for! [At least the moment many of my loyal readers and followers have been waiting for!] New to my page? Click here to learn more about my work. Since the new Pioneer Woman Instant Pot was released I have gotten possibly hundreds of requests […]

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Does Your Instant Pot Have Lead Tamara Rubin Lead Safe Mama

#AskTamara: Does Your Instant Pot Have Lead? XRF Test Results For A 6-Quart Instant Pot Purchased In July 2018 from Amazon.

#AskTamara: Does your Instant Pot have lead? More important: When you unpacked your Instant Pot, did you read each and every warning label and wonder why it was there? The short answer to the first question is (unfortunately): “Yes! The 2018 Instant Pot has at least two components that test positive for lead when tested […]

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This is what a responsible company looks like! Letter from Instant Pot…

I was thrilled to get a wonderfully responsible and friendly letter from the people at Instant Pot. Not only were they friendly and open in their communications, they also were interested in my XRF testing findings and are taking a proactive approach towards improving their product, even though they are not required to do this, […]

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XRFTesting: Instant Pot (Video)

We tested the Instant Pot today in a Facebook Live video! (Tested it for lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic  – etc., – using an XRF Analyzer) Watch the video to see the testing results. Click the Facebook button on the video to share it from Facebook. Click the image below to check out Instant Pots on […]

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