Update on my legal bills, for those who may be interested!

Sunday, July 8, 2018 – Update

For those who may be interested (and who perhaps may want to help in a bigger way) here’s a quick summary of my outstanding legal bills (& directly related costs) from all of the #drama generated by the incessant attacks on my advocacy over the past two years.

  1. $11,420.90 – remainder due to legal firm for the IRS audit – 6/18/18 invoice
  2. $2,500 – estimated remainder due for direct attorney costs from IRS audit.
  3. $2,750 – remainder due for independent forensic bookkeeping services for IRS audit
  4. $23,197.28 – 7/6 invoice, remainder due for attorney team for criminal case
  5. $246.75 – 7/6 invoice, initial charges for civil case against the State of Oregon (& various agencies)
  6. $9,000 – approximate due for initial legal work (2016/2017) in case with DOJ
  7. $5,000 – estimated due for legal work related to my film (with regards to the attacks on my advocacy)
  8. $6,500 – amount due for LSAF legal bills that were charged to a credit card in my name

Total (7/8/2018): $60,614.93

Any and all contributions in support of these costs (and other ongoing costs related to my lead poisoning prevention advocacy and independent consumer goods testing) are always welcome! Thank you!

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