Lead Free Baby Bottles, #Sigh

So this is super-sad, isn’t it?  That we actively need to seek out lead-free baby bottles in 2018?! So sad. Well here’s a link to all of the posts I have written with lead free baby bottles (click here or on the image below.)

There are other brands that are lead-free of course, but I have not tested all of the brands, only brands that parents have sent to me for testing. I will write more about this subject soon, but in the meantime I just wanted to get people a quick-link to the list of the posts I have written about lead-free baby bottles that I have tested so far.

Click here for posts I have written about
the three brands of baby bottles I have found to have lead.

Below are affiliate links* to the brands that have been lead-free, but please also read the accompanying post about that brand/item tested because there are some additional considerations with some of the bottles (considerations like trace-cadmium found in some of the nipples tested.) Also to note: if a bottle is from one of these brands but has different painted markings than the one I link to, I don’t know for sure if the alternate version (like Avent’s new seahorse version) is also lead-free, because I did not test a bottle with those particular markings. I personally prefer the LifeFactory brand because it has no painted markings and takes that consideration out of the equation.

  1. Avent, post, link
  2. LifeFactory, post, link
  3. Dr. Brown, post, link

As a rule I have always preferred clear glass bottles for my children (for 22 years now!) At one point I even designed my own bottle line, but that never came to fruition… who knows, maybe it will happen sometime in the near future! In the meantime, here is my Amazon affiliate link* to the bottle my son still uses (he uses a bottle as a fidget/to drink milk in the morning, because otherwise he has trouble getting enough calories in to keep him calm… he is 9 years old with a severe ADHD diagnosis, he’ll be 10 next week.)

As always, please let me know if you have any questions!

Tamara Rubin

*If you purchase something after clicking on one of my links I may receive a small percentage of what you spend at no extra cost to you. Thanks for supporting my work in this way!

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