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Immunattack Brown Supplment Bottle Lead Safe Mama 2

Brown One Ounce Glass Bottle From “Immunattack” Supplement by Herb Pharm: Lead Free & Cadmium Free

Many colored glass bottles that I have tested have been positive for trace levels of Lead and Cadmium. As a result, my readers have started sending me their supplement bottles to test using XRF technology. This particular bottle (pictured here on this post) was negative for Lead, Cadmium, Mercury and Arsenic. For glass bottles that […]

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Tiny Glass Bottle of doTerra Balance Oil Lead Safe Mama 2

Tiny Brown Glass Sample Bottle of doTerra Balance Oil: 20 ppm Cadmium (considered safe by all standards.)

When tested with a high-precision XRF instrument, this tiny brown glass bottle (pictured here and below), was found to be negative for Lead but was positive for trace levels of Cadmium. The amount of Cadmium detected in the brown glass of this bottle is considered safe by all standards. To learn more about Cadmium toxicity, click […]

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Pura Kiki Follow Up #SurprisedNotSurprised

Photos shared with permission. Sunday, May 13, 2017 – Mothers’ Day I’ve known about this for a couple of weeks now and was waiting to write about it because I wanted to make sure to do the issues justice and answer your questions before they are asked. The featured image here is from a post […]

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Pellegrino Green Glass Water Bottle: 116 ppm Lead (Please click & read to learn more.)

The San Pellegrino Green Glass Water Bottle (pictured below) tested positive for 116 ppm Lead (Pb) when tested with an XRF instrument. My readers has a LOT of questions about this bottle when I first posted this information. Please read the following questions and answers below, and let me know if you have any additional […]

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