Beatrix Potter Wedgwood China Peter Rabbit Baby Cup (c. 2007): 36,000 ppm Lead

Beatrix Potter Wedgwood China Peter Rabbit Baby Cup (c. 2007): 36,000 ppm Lead
This little Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit Wedgwood China baby cup was purchased new c. 2007 and was tested with an XRF in 2012. It belonged to my friend Chelsea.

As with most of these Beatrix Potter cups produced by Wedgwood before the new/modern product safety regulations became enforceable, this one was predictably positive for a very high level of Lead, even though it is relatively new (not a vintage item by any means!)

The Lead level on this item was 36,000 ppm.

Thirty six thousand parts per million lead!

The amount of Lead that is considered toxic in a newly manufactured item intended for children (since the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 became enforceable, c. 2010 through 2012 ) is anything 90 ppm lead or higher in the glaze or coating and anything 100 ppm lead or higher in the substrate.

The brand new cups from this line are (appropriately, and in compliance with the new CPSC legislation) Lead-free. Any items from these sets made before 2010 (and even before 2012) should not be used for food use purposes and especially should not be used by children. Frankly they should be disposed of!

To see the Lead-levels on this line of baby china across different years, click here.

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For a lead-free modern version of this china, click here.*

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2007 Beatrix Potter Wedgwood China Peter Rabbit Baby Cup

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