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2007 Peter Rabbit Wedgwood China Baby Cup

#Leaded: c. 2007 Beatrix Potter Wedgwood China Peter Rabbit Baby Cup

This little Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit Wedgwood China baby cup was tested with an XRF in 2012, and was purchased new c. 2007. As with most of these Beatrix Potter cups produced by Wedgwood before the new/modern product safety regulations became enforceable, this one was predictably positive for a very high level of lead, even […]

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Enoch Wedgwood 1

#Leaded: Wedgwood Enoch Blue Heritage Pattern

Enoch Wedgwood Tunstall Blue Heritage Pattern China, Made in England. Positive for lead at 32,500 +/- 700 ppm. This dish was also “Non-Detect” (negative) for mercury (Hg), cadmium (Cd), and arsenic (As). Want to see a pretty lead-free dish set on Amazon? Click this link! * [*It’s an Amazon affiliate link & if you purchase something […]

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#Leaded: Wedgwood Peter Rabbit Baby Cup, c. 1960

Vintage Wedgwood Benjamin Bunny/ Peter Rabbit: 59,200 ppm lead. Made in England. Year unknown (possibly 1960s); Wedgwood started making these in 1949. I have observed that the older they are, the higher the lead levels tend to be. This example is useful ,as the photo shows how the glaze can become cracked/crazed (as much older pottery […]

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#Leaded: Wedgwood Peter Rabbit Baby Bowl, c. 1970

Wedgwood Peter Rabbit bowl c. 1970. 59,300 ppm lead & 10,900 ppm arsenic. Made in England. Tested with an XRF Instrument. It would be illegal to manufacture a baby plate with lead levels like this today. Modern/ newly manufactured items manufactured and intended to be used for children and sold today must be under 90 […]

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#Leaded: White Wedgwood Bone China Plate

Another reason to skip using grandma’s china this holiday season! Wedgwood China: 98,000 ppm lead … #sigh Made in England. The amount of lead that is considered unsafe in a modern/ newly manufactured item intended for children is 90 ppm lead. Vintage dishware is not regulated for total lead content. There is no safe level […]

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