#Leaded: 2017 Moscow Mule Copper Mug With Leaded Brass Handle

Moscow Mule Mug: As high as 43,400 +/- 1,600 ppm lead in the brass handle.
Solid lead attachment solder points for the handle too!

Tested positive for lead with an XRF instrument and a LeadCheck swab!

Here’s an affiliate link to purchase LeadCheck swabs to test your own Moscow mule mug at home:  https://amzn.to/2L1QBs5 – but really don’t waste your money on testing these with a swab! If they have a yellow brass handle they are almost definitely high lead!

The sick thing is that the online advertisements for these are selling them as a health-promoting product, even when they have leaded brass handles! This blurb (below) is from this link (affiliate link) https://amzn.to/2NYPU0H

Moscow Mule Mug Ad Benefits of Copper

All “Moscow Mule” mugs with yellow brass handles that I have tested have been positive for high levels of lead in the brass handles.

Simple Solutions: Find one with copper handles (and hopefully with no leaded solder points) OR choose something else as the vessel for your Moscow Mule! I have not tested this exact one (link) but it appears to have copper handles, so might be a good choice! [Although frankly they look like they might also have leaded solder points for the handles (the gray right at the attachment point of the handle), but at least the whole handle is not likely to be leaded!] NOTE: I would NOT buy these for my home.

See more things I have tested at: https://tamararubin.com/2018/01/index/

As always, please let me know if you have any questions!


Tamara Rubin

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2017 Moscow Mule Copper Mug With Leaded Brass Handle 2017 Moscow Mule Copper Mug With Leaded Brass Handle

Moscow Mule Mug Ad Benefits of Copper

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