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1940 Drawer Pull Tamara Rubin Leaded Brass Lead Safe Mama 2

1940 Drawer Pull From Dining Room Sideboard: 8,681 ppm Lead

These drawer pulls are from the dining set my grandparents got for their home when they were married in 1940 in San Francisco. When tested with an XRF instrument they had the following readings: Lead (Pb): 8,681 +/- 643 ppm Cadmium (Cd): Non-Detect / Negative Arsenic (As): Non-Detect / Negative Mercury (Hg): Non-Detect / Negative […]

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My Grandparents Leaded Brass Chanukah Menorah Tamara Rubin Lead Safe Mama 5

My Grandmother’s WWII Era Brass Chanukah Menorah: 30,900 ppm Lead

This is a vintage brass Chanukah menorah that belonged to my grandparents. They were married in 1940 and I believe this menorah is from around that time as I had two that were exactly the same and I am pretty sure that my great grandmother gave one to each of her children when they were […]

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Thara Memory's Mouthpiece Tamara Rubin Lead Safe Mama

#AskTamara: Could A Vintage Leaded Brass Mouthpiece Cause Kidney Failure In A Trumpet Player?

#AskTamara Question: Could a vintage leaded brass mouthpiece cause (or contribute to) kidney failure in a professional trumpet player? Answer: Maybe. The vintage (c. 1980s or earlier) trumpet mouthpiece shown here tested positive for a relatively high level of lead for leaded brass (22,200 ppm lead.) It is a bare leaded brass mouthpiece that is […]

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#Leaded: “Made in India” Stainless Lunch Box With Leaded Brass Accents

This goes in the category of “Things in my home that I never thought to test until now!” This is a lunch box/ food storage container made of stainless steel. My husband pointed out that the little moving parts that make up the top of the clasp system are actually yellow brass. I hadn’t noticed […]

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p & K lie truing stand bicycle wheels leaded brass tamara rubin lead safe mama

#Leaded: Bicycle Building Tools, P & K Lie Wheel Truing Stand, Leaded Brass

In September of 2015 my husband got a BRAND NEW made in Germany “P & K Lie” truing stand to make bicycle wheels (a very important tool for his business, his bicycle and bicycle trailer building and design work.)  — It turned the BRIGHEST red when tested with LeadCheck swabs – quicker than I have […]

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Moscow Mule Mug Tamara Rubin Lead Safe Mama 1

#Leaded: 2017 Moscow Mule Copper Mug With Leaded Brass Handle

Moscow Mule Mug: As high as 43,400 +/- 1,600 ppm lead in the brass handle. Solid lead attachment solder points for the handle too! Tested positive for lead with an XRF instrument and a LeadCheck swab! Here’s an affiliate link to purchase LeadCheck swabs to test your own Moscow mule mug at home: – but […]

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Brass Cymbal Tamara Rubin Toy Leaded Brass Lead Safe Mama

#Leaded: Toy Brass Cymbal with Wooden Handle

Child’s mini brass cymbal – with wooden handle: 274 ppm lead. Modern toys are regulated and required to be under 90 ppm lead when tested with an XRF instrument (90 ppm in the coating or 100 ppm in the substrate). Year of manufacture and maker of this toy are unknown. Tested in 2012 with an XRF […]

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A New Trend In Stupidity: : Expensive Fancy Cookware with Leaded Brass Handles Is All The Rage In Kitchen “Fashion”

Words companies are currently using to describe their contemporary cookware that incorporates last-century high-lead-content brass decorative elements (these are screenshots from their websites:)   This one is a hard subject for me; I almost don’t know where to start because there is so much to say… First and foremost, realize that in many cases, the […]

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