How you can help, September 2017

If I am going to continue my work as a lead poisoning prevention advocate I need your help to cover my legal costs and other expenses related to defending my innocence in light of all that has happened this past year (story link here.If you can donate, please do. Any amount makes a difference!

  1.  you can give via my “Chip In” link (via PayPal with a credit card),
  2. you can give via GoFundMe,
  3. you can send me a check: Tamara Rubin, 7933 SE 15th Avenue, Portland, OR 97202
  4. you can also support my work and help cover these costs at no extra cost to you by starting any shopping you do on Amazon from one of my links.

If you have more significant resources to help me get to the end of this war, perhaps you could make a loan which I can pay back with interest from future income or eventual funds from my inheritance (when my mother’s 4.5 acre farm in Napa eventually sells.)

Thank you for considering helping me in any way.


Tamara Rubin
“Unexpected Lead Expert”
Mother of Lead Poisoned Children

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