#AskTamara: Does my fidget spinner have unsafe levels of lead? 31 answers in 90 seconds! (video)


Question: Does my child’s fidget spinner have unsafe levels of lead? 

Answer: This video has 31 answers in just 90 seconds! [Scroll down to watch the video at the bottom of the post.]

The video linked below shows the test results for 31 of the “fidget spinners” I tested (in no particular order), using an XRF instrument [testing of these was done in June of 2017]. In this batch, 45% of the spinners tested positive for at least some amount of lead.

In watching this video you will get a good sense of which types of spinners are likely to be lead-free, which are likely to have high (unsafe) levels of lead and which ones you just cannot tell from looking at them!

If you are interested in more information about this concern, please consider watching the three-minute piece done by CBS This Morning about my work finding lead in fidget spinners (from 2017.)  [LINK]

There are separate posts with photos of many of the fidgets in this video here on this blog. The video is just 90 seconds long. Thank you for watching, and for sharing.

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Tamara Rubin

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