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Vintage (1972-1988) Corning Ware Spice-o-Life Casserole: 26,500 ppm Lead… TEXTBOOK RESPONSE FROM CORNINGWARE TODAY

In response to my original post referenced in the title above [Link HERE] today, Corningware shared the following response (when Sabrina – a friend of a friend on Facebook – shared the post and tagged them): “We appreciate you [sic] concern for our products, Sabrina! We can assure you that older Corningware items would have met […]

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Spice-O-Life Corningware Casserole Lead Safe Mama 2

Vintage (1972-1988) Corning Ware Spice-o-Life Casserole: 26,500 ppm Lead + 236 ppm Cadmium

Since this post is going viral (December 2018), I thought I would update it with a little introduction for those who are new to my website. I am a mother of Lead poisoned children. My children were poisoned in 2005 by the work of a painting contractor, you can see more about my story in […]

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Crazy Daisy Corelle Spring Blossom Green Vintage Plate Lead Safe Mama 4

Vintage Corelle Plate With Crazy Daisy Spring Blossom Green Border Pattern: 15,200 ppm Lead + Cadmium

To see more Corelle pieces I have tested, Click HERE. Vintage Corelle Plate With Green Crazy Daisy / Spring Blossom Green Border. This green painted decorative border of this Corelle plate was positive for a very high level of Lead. Based on stories my readers have shared with me (since first posting this piece), the […]

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Thomas the Tank engine 2007 Recalled Trains Tamara Rubin Lead Safe Mama

Reminder: June 2007 Thomas The Tank Engine Wooden Toy Recall. Do you still have these trains at home?

The Thomas The Tank Engine recall was announced in June of 2007. Because so many people have held on to these wooden toy trains as “heirloom quality” toys (given how expensive they are), AND because so many people who bought the toys in the period impacted by the recall (trains sold between January 2005 through […]

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Vintage Faux Pearls Tamara Rubin Lead Safe Mama

Maybe Grandma Can Keep Her Vintage Faux Pearls?: 295,900 ppm Lead

When tested with an XRF instrument, this set of Grandma’s vintage faux pearls (that feel like real pearls!) were positive for Lead at 295,900 +/- 34,000 ppm. At this level this is essentially Leaded crystal that these pearls are made of. The Lead is what gives them their weight and makes them feel real.  If your […]

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Vintage Green Pyrex Spring Blossom Mixing Bowl with Cat Tamara Rubin Lead Safe Mama

Vintage Pyrex Spring Blossom Green Crazy Daisy Mixing Bowls: 109,900 ppm Lead + Cadmium Too!

I’m super excited to now own a set of these incredibly lead-toxic mixing bowls for my “museum of lead” collection! [eBay find!, purchased for my upcoming book, “I Make Women Cry And Throw Out Their Shit!“.] This pattern was the pattern that started it all for me, in terms of finding incredibly high lead in […]

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Vintage Corelle Corning Butterfly Pattern Bowl Tamara Rubin Lead Safe Mama_3

Vintage Corelle By Corning Butterfly Pattern Glass Bowls: 23,300 ppm Lead [90 ppm is unsafe for kids.]

Everybody’s grandmothers seems to have had these! These butterfly pattern vintage “Corelle by Corning” (Made in New York) bowls tested positive for Lead at 23,300 ppm when tested with an XRF instrument (this is the reading of a test done directly on the decorative pattern elements on the outside of the bowl). To learn more […]

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Starbucks Coffee Company Collectible City Mugs

Ask Tamara: Do Starbucks Mugs Have High Levels of Lead?

Ask Tamara: Question: “Do Starbucks mugs have high levels of lead in them? What are the safest options for non-toxic coffee mugs?” A. [Simplified Answer!]: YES, many Starbucks Coffee Company branded mugs have high levels of lead in them (as measurable by testing with an XRF instrument). Note: This is not illegal in any way; […]

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Rae Dunn (By Magenta) Naughty & Nice Christmas Plate: 2,363 ppm Lead + Arsenic Too!

This Rae Dunn “Naughty & Nice” Christmas Plate (by Magenta) was positive for Lead when tested with an XRF instrument. Read more about the testing here. XRF test results for the dish pictured: Front (plain white glazed): • Lead (Pb): 2,363 +/- 78 ppm • Arsenic (As): 172 +/- 52 ppm White area with red words: […]

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