A Computer for Tamara

15Many of my followers, friends and fans have asked me how they can help and what I need during this time of transition so that I can continue my advocacy work.

As a result of my recent professional transitions I don’t currently own a laptop, nor have one to use (unless I borrow my husbands – which makes it difficult for HIM to work!)  I have been mostly working on my phone… which, at 47 years old, has become increasingly difficult with my rapidly degrading eyesight! (I guess I should add “glasses” to the list of things I need too! lol!)

Below are the specs on a computer that I am working towards (in case anyone wants to chip-in to help me get one!)

A laptop will greatly improve my ability to work with parents in need of help once their children have been poisoned (and to answer questions of parents who are working to create safe environments so their children will not be poisoned.)  A new laptop would be ideal as it would be compatible with current software and I would also be able to use it for my film and video production projects.

Having a laptop also makes it possible for me to work (write, blog, talk to families with questions on social media, etc.) when my children are underfoot doing other activities.

If you are interested in chipping in towards this – click here!

Thank you for reading.

Tamara Rubin
Mother of Lead Poisoned Children
Unexpected Lead Expert

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