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Strawberry Shortcake Glasses

Strawberry Shortcake Mug & Glass – 1980s vintage. As high as 87,500 ppm lead (on the painted decorations). Tested with an XRF. This level of lead is common in the painted decorations on both modern and vintage decorated mugs and glasses. While in most case the leaded decoration is only on the outside of the glass, your […]

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Green Glass Desk Lamp

Library / desk lamp with green glass: 32,400 ppm lead (in the glass.) Tested with an XRF. Thoughts: Is this going to harm the owner?  Probably not. Can we manufacture lead-free glass for items like this?  Absolutely, yes. Is manufacturing items with high lead content harming the environment and potentially harming factory workers?  Absolutely, yes. Can we strive to have lead-free homes and a lead-free […]

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Wilson Tennis Racket

Wilson Tennis Racket: 5,684 ppm lead on handle. Tested with an XRF.  Tennis rackets I have tested have gone either way, with some being positive for lead and some being negative.  This is particularly concerning because it is the grippy part of the handle that tested positive for lead. These grips wear and deteriorate and are held […]

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Blue “Cornflower” Design Corning Baking Pan

Corning Blue Corn Flower Casserole, lead free! (non-detect for lead). Tested with an XRF All of the ones like this (with this blue pattern) that I have tested have been negative for lead, HOWEVER any of the similar pans with the multi-colored decorations have been positive for HIGH LEVELS of lead! If you appreciate what […]

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