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Stuff I have tested recently…

Here’s an image I just put together of several things I have tested with an XRF (and collected!) in recent months! Please let me know if you have any questions. There’s a second copy of the image below without the text bubbles so you can see the items more easily! If you are interested in supporting my […]

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XRFTesting; Pricing

Updated August 14, 2017 Hello All! To date, participating in XRF testing has primarily helped only with the cost of the testing and costs related to making it possible for me to do the testing. I am changing the model a little bit in order to make it more predictable for me to test things […]

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#FidgetSpinner: Rainbow Oval

Metal Oval, Rainbow Finish. (picture is below) Lead Testing Results: ND/ Non-Detect for Lead with an XRF Instrument. #LeadFree. [FYI: made of nickel, copper and zinc!] Look at Fidget Spinner Testing Video #3, from June 16th. Purchase Price: Approximately $8.99 Date Purchased: May 2017 (?) Brought to me by Daizee (in Portland) Vendor/ Brand: Unknown / No Maker’s […]

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